Interactive Infographic of Star Trek Gadgets Shows the Series That (sort of) Already Exist

Star Trek is one of the most famous and important science fiction series of all time and dispenses further introduction than that. And now watch the episodes and older movies is, in a way, take a look at as imagined 40 years ago, which would be the future. Of course, Star Trek takes place in a future of which we are still far away. But technologically, not so much.

The site musicMagpie made ​​an interactive infographic that takes you aboard the Enterprise to make a tour of some gadgets fictitious and technology that have become brand series and already have their equivalents in our daily lives today, as Google Glass, 3D printing and touch screens.

The infographic is divided into three “phases”: the original series, old movies and new. It can be seen and explored there on the site.

Some examples of equivalence seem half forced – turbolift and elevator, really? – But it’s nice to note that, apparently, we are on track of technological developments, to boldly go where no man has gone before.