Instagram 5.1 and YouTube for Android Overhauled Design & Performance

Quick and easy photos take a photo and share online – which the makers of Instagram for their updates Android update have made. It was revised the design on the whole app over and purifies the application as a whole clearly.

Instagram 5.1 is available for download in the Google play store and weighs just half your memory when compared to the previous version. The app to the social photo network to work significantly faster: your profile page loads twice as fast as previously, the makers promise in their blog post about the release of the update.

Revised Design with Respect to Diversity of Devices

With the Android app developers through the wide variety of devices of a design challenge faced, which is not an issue with the iOS version thanks to Apple’s consistency. The diversity of the Android has been included in the most recent update: on one side the look of the entire Instagram app has been simplified over so, that good usability is given also on small screens of rather weak-of-the-art smartphones; on the other hand, the interface has been designed that all items also on large-area Phablet-displays are easy to reach.