Inmates With Anklet

In Mato Grosso, 214 apprentices with electronic anklet were monitoring a year in 2015, according to a report prepared for an audit by the Court of Auditors (ECA-MT) last year.The failures, according to the Court, are for inmates of Cuiabá, Rondonópolis, Lucas do Rio Verde and Smile. In all, the State, 2,568 are monitored by equipment.

Through advisory, the State Department of public safety (Sesp-MT) said that the report is for the year 2015 and some of the non-conformities identified have been resolved.

According to the, 214 anklets were in analytical system anklets to monitoring how ravished.However, in online equipment monitoring were legally.

The situation, according to the document, “highlights the fragility of the electronic monitoring system, as it provides information about the same time re-educating divergent”. When questioned by the TEC-MT, officials argued that the suit was to prevent an overload in the system.

The irregularity, according to the report, lasted for about 365 days. In the period, the State has continued paying the rent of the equipment.

The monthly cost of the equipment by arrested monitored in Mato Grosso, according to the State Department of Justice and human rights (Sejudh-MT), is R $255.76. The detainees are monitored in 33 cities, the 141 municipalities in the State.

Currently, 3,250 equipment are available in the State. According to the Government, however, a bidding process is underway for the lease of 6000 electronic anklets.