Ingrown Nails

They hurt, they’re uncomfortable and often appear month to month. You know what we’re talking about? That’s right, the ingrown toenails. Many people are complaining of this recurring problem and forget that with some care, you can treat them and even avoid them.Below, listing some tips that will be useful to you do as of today, so your feet stay beautiful.

Tips- ingrown nails

1-cut in square format.

If you cut the corners of the nail, skin occupies this region cut. When the nail starts to grow, it will do the finger pressure and end of a single form: jammed. See false nails on

2-whenever you cut your nails, sand them.

What causes the encravem nails are the tips that are, because the body recognizes them as a foreign body, resulting in inflammation. So don’t forget, always sand the nails after cutting them.

3-do not remove completely the cuticle.

Weyou knowmosshe bothers, but the cuticle protects your nails against fungi and bacteria. When you strip completely, your nail remains too exposed.

4-say no to tight shoes.

The tight shoes, mainly the pointy, exert a lot of pressure on the corners of the nails, creating an inflammatory process and causing them to encravem.

5-always keep the hygiene of the feet.

While leaving your feet clean, you avoid the invasion of fungi and bacteria. So, clean them well, especially under the fingernails.

6 – pay attention to your posture.

Maintain the correct posture in time to walk is very important. Why? If you put pressure on specific parts of the feet, this can cause the effort fall over your fingers and that there is achange in nail growth, increasing the risks of ran it.

7-Fix the errors.

Cut the nail too short or in wrong format. Calm down! The sand carefully and don’t let ends left.

8 – nothing worked, and now?

Some people have a problem calledofnailsjammedscongenitalsthe problem occurs just by the shape of the nail. If this is your case, look for a Podiatristor physician specializing so that it indicates the best treatment.

9-Let your foot breathe.

If you use a lot of closed shoes every day, take the time to use open footwear. Let your nails breathe is one of the best ways to keep them healthy.

To treat ingrown nails at home

1-Let the foot soak in hot water (which you put your foot, without getting hurt) about 15 to 20 minutes.

2 – While your foot is under water, massage the side of the finger.

3-dry the foot and then repeat the procedure several times a day.

4-Let the foot soak to help to cut your nails, because this will cause her to soften. Cut it straight.

5-Reduce the pressure on the finger. How? Lift the corner of the nail with a metal file or toothpick and place a small piece of cotton between the nail and the skin.

6-Pass antibiotic ointments, cover the nail with bandage or track, to keep it dry and clean. That way, you will prevent the nail gets infected.

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