Indexer Torrents BTJunkie Closes Doors

The saga of the sites that are somehow linked to piracy seems to repeat continuously. After Megaupload was taken down and several other file sharing sites change their operation, BTJunkie, one of the largest crawlers torrent web decided to close its doors this weekend.

The site did not give access to any torrent specifically, just indexing other sites like Pirate Bay. Still, the founder decided it was time to leave the ship, so to speak.

Today it just displays a message that translates to “This is the end of the line, my friends. The decision was not easy, but we decided voluntarily to close. “The notice goes on to say that the site” fought for their right to communicate, but it is time to move on.”

The website TorrentFreak he said that court decisions against Megaupload and The Pirate Bay were significant for them to take the difficult decision to close the site. But it ensures that suffered no process or threat of major studios – just decided to close before they arrived.