Improvement of Performance for The 5 X and 6 P Nexus with a Small Patch

With all the noise of Android N we have let us pass this small update with surprise that just received the last two Nexus, the 5 X for LG and the 6 p of Huawei. Because the security fix in March has left gift to the owners of these two phones improvements in stability, connectivity and, above all, performance.

So has summed it up the community manager of Google on Reddit named Orrin, but actually the thing is a little more clear. The most important thing is that expected an increase in performance in general that should affect especially to those units which have had a faulty behavior. Has been achieved thanks to some touch-ups in the kernel, as explained in its Google + the developer of the franc. Kernel, which has found a change in the internal clock of 100 Hz to 300 Hz.

It is expected that that adjustment is especially felt in the manufactured by LG. Also other bugs have been fixed among those mentioned the failure of compatibility do not disturb and next alarm. Regarding improvements, those listed are related to connectivity, specifically those related to the WiFi and Bluetooth connections. Of course, it also includes the conventional security measures.

The update is deployed by all devices of the world via OTA, but if you don’t want to wait or not you just arrived, you can also download bullhead for the 5 Nexus X and angler for the Nexus 6 p from the website of Google Developers to run it manually.