Imagination Is The Only Escape, a Controversial Game with a Crowdfunding

Games for smartphones are becoming a realistic alternative for everyone who has a standalone game and wants to sell it without the need for a distributor that takes part of the revenue. If that we add a time where crowdfunding allows to get the funding, the scene painted much better for all.

That’s what the French designer of video games found Luc Bernard, After seeing the problems giving the game Eternity completo Child had decided to wait a while to settle his most ambitious game. It is of Imagination is the only escape, a game with a premise that could not attract much to distributors because of a complicated premise.

The story happens in full occupation Nazi France and a Jewish child who makes a deal with Fox to see his dead mother. This story wants to focus much on the human plane of history, and it is normal that few distributors want to risk is a complex title, therefore its crowdfunding.

The rewards range from the po set $10, the Android version for 15, or if there are too many $10,000 we can introduce the character that we want it to be a character of the story. The goal is $125,000 and 43 days remaining if we want to invest in this project.