Ideas For Decorating Your Bathroom With Plants

That decorating with plants is very fashionable, you know, I also told you in my last article forGood Mood. And the bathroom seems like a perfect place for them, they will bring warmth in a room that is usually very aseptic and cold, and color!

Ideas For Decorating Your Bathroom With Plants

The green will blend perfectly with the neutral tones that our bathrooms usually have.

You will have to take into account the natural light that you have in your bathroom, because most plants require it to survive, but there are also others that need little light such as fern, poto or Sansevieria. In addition we have that some humidity is great for them to look prettier or grow.

Look for any corner to have some, on the cabinet of the sink, the toilet, the tub, on a shelf and if you have no room, there is always the option to hang it, the ferns are perfect for it, and the idea of ivy has Enchanted, although it is from outside, I have read that it can be perfectly adapted to the interior I will try it!.

For now I have a fern that looks great since I put it in the bathroom, I cross fingers … Although I would love to have a large bathroom to enjoy as in some of these images that I bring you a great copy, contribute Freshness, naturalness, life…

I let you enjoy the images that I hope will inspire you and tell me do you have plants in the bathroom? Are you thinking of putting them?

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