iCloud Wins Notification Bar and New Applications

In the week of the iPhone 5 announcement, the Apple released an update on the iCloud website, adding the applications notes and reminders and notifications bar with well familiar design. The news were already being tested by some users and were released publicly on Thursday night.

If you usually take notes on your iPad and forgot the tablet at home, you can still access the data from any computer with internet, simply access the iCloud.com. The same goes for the reminders, which are now united in the application itself. Both applications are very similar to the versions for iOS and OS X Mountain Lion, including textures that mimic leather.

Apple also included a sliding notification bar that much resembles the iOS. In fact, the entire iCloud is like a traditional operating system – has to error messages stating that windows could not load certain application due to a “possible network error or missing features.”

Other iCloud applications have also been updated. Mail now has the VIP feature in iOS 6, a folder where are displayed emails from people you consider important, such as the head or family members. The Find My iPhone, in turn, won the Lost Mode and an icon indicating the device’s battery level sought – and, interestingly, the map is still the Google.