I See Flowers on You

Spring has come (despite the verãozístico extreme heat) and with it our passion for the flowers. In addition to bringing color to the streets, in stores and at our homes, the flowers are elements that filter to energy renewing the positive atmosphere environments.

Split up some suggestions for you, like us, loves flowers in the decoration of the House. Open the chest and the Windows. It’s spring time!

Recycle bottles
Glass bottles can become great and charming vases. Enjoy what you have at home and decorate them with stickers, painting with spray, tying strings and ribbons and what else your imagination stop. Then just choose a few flowers to be its new residents. A tip: take bottles of various styles, sizes and colors and arrange them in a single composition. Looks great for decorating the House and even parties.

Make a gardener
Under the Windows, colorful and full of life! It’s easy to make a gardener. They look great also in outdoor areas such as gardens, balconies and terraces. You can use wooden crates (of those), boxes of plastic containers or gutters. Line the bottom with stones or gravel, cover with a blanket of clay and then deposit the topsoil. Your gardener is ready to receive seedlings of flowers.

Flowers on the wall
Want a floral wall? Bet on the wallpapers! The Shopkola has a beautiful collection of wallpaper floral adhesive with various colors that can be applied in various environments and in many decorating styles (mainly vintage and romantic styles).

Careful with the perfume
People more sensitive to odors usually tend to feel sick when in contact with very strong scents. In this case, flowers with very intense as jasmine perfumes, the tree Lady of the night, and the White Lily should be avoided in indoor environments. The scent of these plants is so intense that it can even interfere with dishes prepared in the kitchen. Prefer flowers with little or no scent like sunflower, Daisy, Orchid, chrysanthemum, mosquito, tulips, among many others.

Flowers on the stairs
Yes, why not? The idea is to put flowers in all steps or alternately, so that the path of the passband. Small containers such as cans, cups and mini-vasinhos look great with flowers girls.

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