I Had to Take My Pajamas Out of My Mouth

I do not complain about being locked in the bunker during those days of full flood in Porto Alegre. However mentally I find myself, look out, see the rain falling, the cold that blows, look in here, see the warm greenhouse and my body in a pajamas is what can be called luxury. The animal does not think much like that. All it takes is the rain to give the animal a break, with those bulging eyes longing for the ride.

Obvious. I just do not leave Crocs, either, so as not to wet my little slippers. Sunday, after three weeks of pajamas locked in the bunker, I had to put on some clothes for my sister-in-law’s birthday. I do not remember having suffered so much in the recent past. I had to remember what it was like to think about what clothes to wear – and I find that very annoying. Not by chance, I loved a new trend written by the beloved and beloved Roberta Weber on uniform fashion, which comes to be always wearing the same clothes every day. Of course not the same, but have several equal parts in the closet. Roberta gives the example of Harper’s Bazaar art director Matilda Kahl.

Matilda wears the same look to work THREE years ago. Bought FIFTEEN versions of the same blouse and SIX versions of the same sleepwear and wear them DAILY. The special detail, to mark his personality, is the leather tie tied in the collar of the white shirt.

I struggled on Lawfaqs to put on leather pajamas , a green water cashmere and a coat. Imagine if it was a wedding! He had cut his wrists and threw me headlong into the dung-filled mosquito-pit water pit in the building next door. She had already suffered on Saturday night to take off her pajamas and go out to dinner with George and Paulinha. I struggled to put on the same leather pants and just change the cashmere. They have been telling me that my situation is very worrying. I do not think. I am about to launch a home office label and be my own poster girl.

Saturday night, George and Paulinha, Chico and I went to eat hamburger at Steak. I had wanted to go to the Steak for hours now, since whenever I try to go to Steak I face an hour’s wait at the door. As I am not adept at queuing and long waits in restaurants(I do not even wait in the bathroom queue), I have never stayed to try the dishes of the house. For this time we agreed to arrive early, 8 o’clock sharp. Had table to choose from. We sat downstairs and asked for one of my favorite entrees wherever I go and find: patatas bravas. In the menu of Steak, titled rustic potatoes.

Chico has never been so happy to have forgotten his degree glasses. Since I could not see the words on the menu, he delegated to me the task of choosing which hamburger to eat among the dozens of options spread over four pages. Fortunately, I knew more or less what I wanted, a burger without many inventions, with a conventional flavor. I opted for the…. fur….

Boleiro, Bagual, Baguete, Be… I forgot the name. Good, but I took a photo. These things were not there, because the light of the environment is not from pharmacy(thank God). But you can see something.

Here, my impressions of the Steak and the burger(although I do not walk very well from the head, I will comment).

1) I loved the atmosphere below. We got to sit upstairs but did not find it so cozy and asked to change as soon as we wandered around a table in the lower, more intimate, burger-faced room. I felt sort of perched up there and did not find the tables and chairs comfortable.
2) I loved the rustic potatoes. I would eat, as I said, until it exploded.
3) I liked muuuito the meat of the hamburger. It was underdone, really red, just as I like it. If you, reader guy, do not like cattle bellowing on your plate, when you go to Steak, let them know.
4) Would return to try the burger option without bread because I found the bread to be the weakest part of everything. Very pale and served cold. Here I do not go into merit if hamburger bread has to be frozen or not be frozen. The bottom line is that it was really white, you know? I did not feel like it.

I mean, yes and no. Yes because I finished all 28 chronicles(in this first moment, there will be 28, with the possibility of increasing, which I hope I do not need). Not because it is missing to review all and rewrite parts of some. I still have a bunker week ahead. A week of pajamas, a week of soup at lunch so she would not sleep, and not risk the evening on the couch, a crazy-eyed, crocheted-looking week from Crocs and at the mercy of all the whims of the animal during the 24 hours per day.