Huawei Ascend P2 in the Test

Strongly in the laboratory, in hand – with precision the Huawei Ascend P2 test lands a direct hit.

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With the Ascend P2, Huawei is the established figures in the high class pretty closely on the Pelle. With strong laboratory values, sharp display and a brave front panel, it lands several hit – must insert the memory and plastic housing but also a few low blows.

At the end, it has impressive 421 points and that “Very good” narrowly missed – a huge success and clear signal to the established competition.

Processing and impression: Still air above

What Huawei still should work in any case, is the feel. Although the used plastic housing is good and clean that it squeaks or creaks nothing. To conquer the hearts as a premium model, seem but like some Wertigeres – although or precisely because market leader Samsung also opts for plastic. This does not mean that the P2 has a cheap, but it is far from the look-and-feel of HTC One clad in aluminium.

The design language may but like to keep Huawei: the P2 is not only beautiful flat and light, but also pleasing grippy and easy to use with one hand.

Equipment: Memory is a scarce commodity

Should Huawei choose the next top model to a material or design relaunch, here even a request from us: necessarily think to the store! Per se is not a K.o. criterion is that the internal memory in the P2 is not extensible.

The nearly 11 GB offered by our test device free of charge, are but comparatively scarce. Who wants to install many apps and elaborate games and use the Smartphone as a music player, is expected relatively quickly reach natural limits. To avoid frustration, therefore very important: Please consider before purchasing whether enough space for their own usage patterns.

Display: Reaktionsfreudiger touch screen

Mobile browsing, social networking, and emails in focus, the P2 has some arguments for themselves, for example, and first and foremost the display. It is pretty big with a diagonal measurement of 4.7 inches and offers plenty of space for Web pages and email clients, even smaller fields in online forms can easily be controlled. This is ensured by the very reliable touch screen exactly turning any touch of the finger, as it was intended.

Still scores the beautiful bright TFT display with natural colour rendition and good contrast; Writings on the Internet or in menus are very sharp, images and videos are very nice. No problem at all is that Huawei opts for the higher end models here “only” on HD (720 x 1280 pixels) and not like most full-HD (1080 x 1920 pixels), – individual image points are not even in the Ascend P2 to recognize the approach.

Laboratory measurements: Kudos

But, the be-all and end-all in mobile surf fun is a stable connection to the radio cell. And here Huawei brings his expertise from network technology very successfully. The data Turbo LTE is integrated. The radio properties as a whole prove very good:

In our laboratory the P2 at the transmitter and receiver measurements has reached in the UMTS networks good 23 of 30 points – more than the Galaxy S4 and the HTC one (both 20 points) and almost as many as the Xperia Z (24 points). In the discipline, falter in almost all current top models – GSM networks – the P2 reaches even the record with 29 out of 30 points.

UMTS is the more important statistic, GSM is still crucial in poorly covered areas outside the city. One must so hardly fear disconnects while surfing, nor on the phone.

Only the acoustics in the direction of transmission might sound somewhat natural. The bottom line with the measured a well-deserved “very suits”. The battery performance is even better: about 6:30 hours in the typical mix of uses – we are enthusiastic and give full credit.

Operation: against the mainstream

Heart of the P2 is the Huawei’s own processor K3V2 that pulses with four cores per 1.5 GHz. In the test, everything was always liquid, Huawei here after the big players in nothing; only the camera app launches with some delay. For the 13-mega pixel camera makes beautiful photos with natural colors. At the Panel, Huawei goes its own way and abolishes the classic App menu.

All installed applications are up to nine home screens on a level with folders, and widgets – what is safe is a matter of taste. The setting menu is reduced.

Conclusion: Strong alternative

The Ascend P2 is a Smartphone for rebels and individualists. Huawei is anything other than mainstream, but pretty much everything is also available at Samsung and co – plus the better radio properties. Who whistles on mass-compatible brand image, gets a strong alternative here.