Huawei Ascend Mate in the Test

The Huawei Ascend Mate shows great results in the test and proves that you can serve a 6-inch Smartphone with a few tricks with one hand.

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With the slogan “new dimensions”, Huawei has presented the Ascend Mate at the beginning of the year as the Smartphone with the world’s largest display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In numbers: 6 inches on the diagonal. A minimal edge ensures the housing while remains of a magnitude that is still manageable.

One-hand operation? That is obviously borderline. But Huawei was creative: with one hand to be able to unlock the LockScreen, the input area to the size of a 4.5-inch smartphones can shrink and slide to the right edge; Left-handed users can choose the left edge.

This can be done optionally with the phone keys and the alphanumeric Writing desk. Good access to you can Ascend Mate so that of course always still not, but the non-slip back and size light weight of 198 grams a meet.

Display: the screen is a sensitive soul

Even on a ski glove, the sensitive display had use in the test. Some of the material of the glove but depends.

The test device, the deactivation of the glove mode also did not respond. As a result, too often played a joke on the technique and responded, instead of opening an app, unintentionally with the turning of the home screens.

With a brightness of 472 cd / m² is the Huawei Mate anyway, virtually predestined for sunny slopes. Also in the beer garden, it is thanks to the color accuracy over a wide range of viewing angles for the photo look in the circle of friends.

You must not have fear of free air using given the scratch-resistant Gorilla glass Corning. The resolution would have the full-HD 6-inch screen instead of 720 x 1280 pixels must be like.

Operation: With feeling

To fully exploit the available pixels, one can hide emotion UI the Android navigation buttons at the bottom of the user interface developed by Huawei. A quick wipe from the bottom is sufficient, and she’s back. In the home screen, which brings although no additional line of app. But in the browser or to edit a document with the Kingsoft Office suite and send, on a cloud-printer of the space makes good.

Who has ever held a Huawei device in hand, know that the Chinese like to forgo the app list. At Huawei, it says it was clear to use for the user. With all due respect: This is cheese according to the author. The app list is always the safest place, in case of doubt to find an app, if it no longer is in the flurry of apps and widgets.

Especially because all apps need to be forcibly organized on the home screens that the grouping into folders is essential, and the search in the multiple home screens distributed folders chore.

Many themes, home screen transitions and LockScreen scenarios, which are very nice, however, emotion man the surface turned over Android 4.1 UI can make his gusto.

Equipment: USB sticks also reads

Deduction is available for the memory that gross and less net has nothing at all of the other size of the Ascend mate with 8 GB 5 GB. It can upgrade via MicroSD up to 32 GB Kart.

The ACE up its sleeve, not again and again the device to remove from the map for the exchange of data, is the USB-OTG port. USB on-the-go means you can read from a USB-stick or the memory of a digital camera with an adapter cable for the micro-USB port of the Smartphone. This is very handy.

Laboratory measurements: Top down the stretch

The Ascend Mate in the laboratory lands a direct hit: semi-trailers 30 points for the excellent transmission and reception quality in the GSM network are the peak in this discipline. Also in the sum, the Huawei Mate draws very good 81 points from the measurements in both GSM and UMTS network. With peak in all networks, the result of endurance tests to is outstanding in the total.

Conclusion: Weaknesses compensated

With the great results it compensates for deductions for the low memory or the handiness. Since in the latter case the Ascend Mate fair compared to typical, smaller smartphones Springs now times.