HTC Will Repair Free of Charge Your Smartphone If You Break The Screen during The First 6 Months

HTC just launched the promotion HTC Customer Advantage with which aims to offer an added value to their terminals HTC One, HTC One Max or HTC mini One.

The company already offered with the purchase of their new terminals extra space in the cloud via Google Drive, 25/50 GB depending on model and it seems now also offers the possibility of rremove the screen Once in case of breakage during the first 6 months after purchase of form free.

HTC Customer Advantage promotion has entered into force in United States and we are waiting for answer official company to see if it’s a valid exclusively there, or on the contrary will eventually reaching the rest of countries.

UPDATE : We have just received confirmation of HTC Spain that it is an exclusive promotion for us. UU.

The advantages offering this service HTC Customer Advantage are:

  • Screen replacement during the first 6 months of HTC One, mini One or One max
  • Extra Google Drive during 2 years 25 or 50 GB storage
  • 2 years of updates Android
  • HTC Backup
  • Chat or phone service to help you use or solve any problem with the terminal

A pity that finally just to American buyers since this would be an extra feature that does not directly competition, with insurance aside, but not directly from the manufacturer unless either a change default from factory or operation.