HTC U Ultra Will Have a More Powerful Brother to Lead The Catalogue after The MWC

It seems that the news of this year starting turn all lathe to Samsung and Qualcomm, the first by the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 future and seconds by the apparent uniqueness of its most powerful chip, the Snapdragon 835. An exclusivity that would have forced to LG and part of its competition to bet on model 821 which arrived in the last stretch of 2016.

HTC, in fact, opted to Snapdragon 821 for your recent HTC U Ultra, a terminal that seemed to point to leader of the catalogue launch collided with an HTV Live Phone leaked days earlier but that no additional data is not known. Now it seems that HTC is preparing another great release, and that it could opt for the last chip of the Americans.

Forget the MWC

For the moment, deadlines for popular smartphones, always trying to be non-official terms, talk that Samsung would present the S8 Galaxy on March 29 and that it would be in circulation in mid-April. LG, for its part, will present its G6 LG at MWC in Barcelona and may have production to sale in the month of March. The terms fit.

We were talking about in the article concerning the movement of Samsung regarding Snapdragon 835 of a perhaps temporary exclusivity on the chip from Qualcomm that they themselves are making. This temporary exclusivity would be based on that the Korean giant would have grabbed first Snapdragon 835 remittance for your own use, thus driving out the rest of its competition from the queue of the chip, at least in the short term.

If this HTC with the 835 market during the second quarter, would talk about that he would get the production once Samsung already had enough for their first runs to chips, remember, they combine Qualcomm chips and its own production Exynos. Fitting all that, I would have felt a mobile HTC’s latest generation and at full power, with the Snapdragon 835 on board.

The words of Chialin Chang

This is deduced from the words of Chialin Chang, HTC, which said that its HTC U Ultra came to market with the Snapdragon 821 because they wanted to “enjoy a couple of months of leadership until reaching the next processor maximum power. There will be another time, not the MWC. […] When the next CPU, HTC will have a new flaghsip”.

Thus, if doing calculations we estimate that the Snapdragon 835 will be open to more suppliers once you serve the first deliveries to Samsung, April seems perfect so HTC can present their new ship logo, and bringing it to market weeks later. Who knows if the leaked HTC Live Phone or another model that for now we do not know anything. What does seem clear is that HTC will reduce the releases this year, but will spare no high ranges.