HTC U, The Response to The S8 Galaxy, Will Have 12 Megapixel for Selfies and Snapdragon 835

HTC should do something and its movement should not take to occur. The decline of the brand in recent years must be accompanied by an answer in search of reverse the situation, and although they announced already that ranges it had low, something that Sony is running you, its commitment to the high range must be strong.

HTC U must be the Taiwanese reply to the latest large models of the market as the Huawei P10, the G6 LG or Samsung Galaxy S8. Even to the Xperia XZ Premium whereby still remaining months to exit the market. The last thing we know about the future flagship of HTC, which seems to not be HTC 11, is that it has gone by AnTuTu and it has left the discovered part of their bowels.

A powerful smartphone on selfies

The selfies fashion does not come from now and makes time that it ceased to be a fashion as such, it has now become a trend that has led manufacturers to strengthen their front cameras to the extent that some even offer a greater sensor for self-portraits than for other uses. HTC has already done so with the Eye models and This HTC U could follow in his footsteps.

What counts we AnTuTu is that your screen will be QHD and rear camera of this HTC U will have a capacity of 16 megapixels, without going into details, and that its front sensor will come up to 12 megapixels. Unknown if any of them will employ technology ultrapixeles that put in circulation in 2013 with the first HTC One, but only because the figures already seems an interesting movement.

Thanks to the SoCs, know the processor model reveals implicit data as the data rate and other wireless connections

As for the processor, the performance test returns to show us the archinombrado 835 Snapdragon which will debut the Samsung Galaxy S8 and come also on board the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, as well as a Gigabit ZTE, of which we know nothing apart from the model of his brain. With this we guarantee us eight cores 2, 45GHz of power and the Adreno GPU 540 to move all the graphics.

Processor tells us some things even though they are not explicit in the image of AnTuTu. It tells us that we will have LTE category 16, which will mean that we will be able to download mobile data to 1Gbps, and tells us that the device will feature Bluetooth 5.0, the new standard for wireless communications, for example, to listen to two handsets at the same time and with independent volumes.

Would presentation in April, on sale in may, be late HTC?

Reports have also been exposed, with 4GB of RAM and a 64GB internal storage We suppose may be extended with a microSD, although this is not specified. Android 7.1.1 Nougat topped specifications filtered through AnTuTu and all binds to the touch framework and Sense 9, the latest version of the coat of the manufacturer that would run on Android.

The new HTC U It would be presented in mid-April and would be released at the beginning of may. We will see if to HTC comes out well the move and get to place your device among the most sought after in the industry, although virtually the last presentations of great smartphones, in the absence of knowing when will come my 6 of Xiaomi, not benefit you too.