HTC One SV in the Test

The HTC one SV brings mobile Turbo Internet via LTE on a compact, 4.3 inch screen for surprisingly little money. The Android does not get a recommendation after the test but still.

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With the one SV HTC dares a balancing act: the Taiwanese people want to bring most potent technology at a minimal price of the woman and the man. Anno 2013 i.e.: LTE must be at the start, and about 500 euro is too expensive. Work effort? HTC specifies a suggested retail price of 429 euros SV for the – welcome in the current Smartphone middle class.

And because the online trading playing us users in the cards, this means: faster fall in prices. So the price comparison portal lists the one SV end of June for around 260 euros. Bargain or blender?

Equipment: Clever features

Even if the one SV gets no connect recommendation: it’s not a blender. Some weaknesses are simply his many strengths. HTC has done much that right, but calls for compromise. For example, in terms of timeliness. Inherently a disadvantage is that Android in version 4.1 is installed, – an update to the latest version 4.2 is but unavailable.

Also UI turned about sense is installed in the version 4 + instead of the latest version sense therefore features such as Blinkfeed or Zoe, we know from the top model HTC One, not available on the one SV are 5.

Fun the sense interface but still, because HTC has integrated here nice and especially clever features. There are also applications for backup, Office, video editing and social media including in addition to classic tools such as notes, to-do lists, FM radio and an extensive address book. For lavish entertainment is taken care of so from work, also because the Musicstore by 7digital and the HTC’s own video service watch are pre-installed.

The so-called car mode, whose name is program is clever: who would like to use the one SV with a corresponding holder – which does not belong to the scope of supply – in the car, gets in the car mode a streamlined interface with larger icons and selected traffic for Google Maps Navigation, the music collection and the address book offered.

Expandable internal memory

The play store, the functional scope of the cheap HTC smartphones can be increase almost at will: apps, books, music, videos or games – offering in the Google Portal is diverse. The storage capacities of the one SV keep however within very narrow limits: we had nearly 5 gigabytes on our test device free of charge. If that is really not enough or sufficient, however depends on the own usage patterns.

Who wish to install plenty games and apps, should also get a micro SD card (32 gigabytes costs currently around 25 euros at Amazon) and outsource its music, videos and photos as possible on this, to save internal memory.

But beware: it is not in any case possible to move apps to the memory card. In the test we could move some tools using the free application “App2SD” on the micro-SD card, but is not yet long each application.

Handling: Handy shape, fast core

The screen is 4.3 inches tall and good brightness values that result in that the light also on bright sunny days in the open air is comparatively easy to read with 366 cd/m2.

In times of full HD screens of one or the other pixel counter to have become unfashionable resolution of 480 x 800 pixels of one SV will interfere, but this resolution is practical for everyday tasks and sufficient.

The rich colors and strong contrast make up for the a bit coarse pixelated representation; the difference is however visible at high resolution photos and videos. And please not be alarmed by the rampant display megalomania can be: 4.3 inch are definitely large enough, simply and conveniently to surf the Internet, maintain his friendships on Facebook, emailing promised to answer or to plan a route – on Google maps! The display size also offers the advantage that the housing remains handy.

The one SV can be easily operated with one hand and thanks to its slightly rounded back is conveniently situated between the fingers. The plastic feels elegant and appropriate to the price level of the device.

Gap between the skeleton and the detachable, discreetly off softened battery cover are indeed visible, do not disturb but. That the case creaks every now and then a bit – water under the bridge. As the processing of the HTC smartphones can be see.

This also applies to the computing power of the dual core processor. This is recorded may not be State with its clock frequency of 1.2 GHz of-the-art, but good on the hardware architecture of surrounding and therefore a quick and smooth operation.

Laboratory measurements: Weak in UMTS networks

Energy management, HTC has gotten well under control: it runs one SV in mixed operation solid 5:25 hours – this is an impeccable value. Also, the acoustics on the phone is both transmit and receive direction clear and clean. The radio features are problematic: In GSM mode that reaches SV 21 out of 30 points – not intoxicating, but alright. Only 18 of 30 UMTS points however are below par and anything but sovereign.

Conclusion: Nothing for TEKKIES

For TEKKIES and high-Ender, which is HTC one SV so nothing. But who wants to spend a fortune, has provided a solid, compact midrange phone with good screen, strong computing power and Turbo-fast mobile Internet via LTE – a stable wireless connection here.