HTC One 2 (M8) Is Redisplayed in Alleged Leaked Images

HTC us still in suspense, and despite the bad results of the firm all we know that the Taiwanese can do smart phones. It is expected that the second generation of the HTC One has learned from the mistakes, and we are all eager to see a device that already has been leaked even with real prototype pictures.

In addition, and walking off the hunger that we already have, HTC does not want us to stop talking about his new flagship, of the have become to filter images. This time we have a rendering of press and other real image that seems to be its final configuration.

Honestly, we have most liked images that leaked last week, although we can certainly confirm anyway that its basic design has not changed, inherited from the HTC One critical success and also maintaining high quality metallic materials.

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— our site(@HTCFamily_RU) February 11, 2014

We doubt seriously from what will be the HTC One 2 true, and is that even the proportions of these new images point more to a smaller terminal, a “mini”.

We see that Don’t miss the double front stereo speaker, Although it seems that in this render modifies the position of the upper sensors, now placed right next to the camera and leaving one opening less than for the upper speaker.

Also see the new rear, with dual-LED flash and dual camera, with a larger size which assumes main sensor and other upper sensor of which we do not know yet their function, although we can say that it is in a place that he can cover easily accidentally.

We cannot affirm that this will be the new HTC One 2, and in fact We hope that the One 2 terminal we saw another week, with much smaller frames and better exploited front. However, neither we can say otherwise, so we leave to you that you decide that you like the most, and we relate if this as we think a “mini” version.