HTC Could Outsource The Manufacture of Some of Its Future Terminals

If something are known all HTC smartphones is the refined design and large construction that characterizes the Taiwanese manufacturer, which has always had good taste when choosing materials for your devices.

However, the bad luck that the drag from makes several exercises continues to pass bill to the once undisputed king of the smartphone market, which according to The Wall Street Journal could be thinking about formulas to cut costs in the production of some of its new terminals, especially in the middle and lower ranges.

It is not something surprising, as many manufacturers opt for outsourcing for launch highlighted the devices that other companies made them, and we could even see it as a successful measure for focus efforts and resources on high-end, that raised the pedigree, while innings ranges aim to reduce costs as much as possible to reach more potential buyers.

In particular, it seems that HTC has commissioned three devices of the range Desire Compal Electronics Inc. and Wingtech Group, two companies based in Taiwan and China, respectively, that would begin mass producing the new HTC Desire 616, a device with the name chipset with eight-core processor from MediaTek which was leaked a few weeks ago.

We’ll see if the new strategy of HTC reports its fruits in the coming quarters, at least at the economic level, although it will always be positive that the Taiwanese firm continue to take decisions to steer a course that looked completely lost.