HTC Confirms That Scott Croyle Will Remain Linked to The Company

A couple of days ago that we did we echo of a news item published on The Verge on the departure of Scott Croyle of HTC, where until now was the director of design, in the coming months.

There was no official position of the company in this respect, now we have something that, and is that HTC makes us rectify information published with a terse official announcement in which it is indicated that Scott Croyle Yes will continue to linked to HTC.

“HTC remains at the forefront of smartphone innovation.” “Scott Croyle will be focusing his attention on advanced design and innovation, working closely for Peter Chou and the Office of the CEO – dedicated on HTC completo next generation developments.”HTC stays at the forefront of innovation in smart phones. Scott Croyle will focus on sl advanced design and innovation, working in close collaboration with Peter Chou and the office of the Executive Director – dedicated to the development of new generation of HTC.

Thus, Croyle will leave his post as head of the design team of HTC, but not to leave the Taiwanese firm, but to work closely with the innovation and development team the new generation of HTC products, directly under orders of the CEO, Peter Chou.

Can not only rejoice that HTC will not dispense with the unquestionable work of Scott Croyle, that surely will bring much to the new devices of the manufacturer.