How to Wear the Shirt

With a single shirt, can be developed many styles. It can be worn casual, collar closed or tied at the waist.

How to Wear the Shirt

There are many ways to wear the shirt. Be United, in jeans or with prints, it is one of the only clothes that you can renew and adapt according to his desires. You have a style casual, rock’roll or pretty fancy, the shirt will make your happiness.

Wear it tied at the waist for a look spring / summer, accompanied by a boyfriend or high-waisted jeans. You just unbutton the last buttons and tie a knot with the two sides of the shirt. You can tie it more or less high depending on your look. For example, with a high waist, it is better to tie the shirt high enough. The shirt may also be fitted by To do this, use a thin belt that you will attach around your waist and the shirt above.

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If you prefer a wiser style and totally trendy, shirt half tucked into the pants suits you. We saw many times on the fashion bloggers the most popular. Unbutton the last buttons of your shirt and get one of the two beams in your pants, your skirt or your shorts.

The shirt can be adapted to all styles

Play casual in leaving the collar of your shirt open and curled back sleeves. You can play the boyish with destroy jeans and sneakers. Otherwise, go for heels for more femininity. And for the more hipsters of you button your shirt up to the neck, tuck the high waist shorts and put on you to derby or moccasins.

Use a scarf or a bandana like a tie by forming it around the neck. It is an original idea that will raise your outfit. It’s simple! Choose a light and not too long scarf you’ll tie it around your neck. Make a bow for a sophisticated style, or so a simple knot, leaving both ends of the scarf hang along the shirt, like a tie.

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The shirts are a basic of any wardrobe women, more if you’re a woman working. Shirts can afford to create casual looks, but who at the same time look formal and is ideal to go to work or to a Board of business, job interviews and more.

This time I gave myself the task of finding the best proposals for shirts and how to combine them to achieve looks very relaxed and spontaneous, to look as if we had not struggled to choose the clothes that we were going to get. These looks are ideal for when you have no many desire to spend hours choosing that we are going to put, but that they will make us look perfect and very stylish.

So if you want to achieve this I leave all the ideas that I found to share with you here in the gallery below. I hope that the ideas and proposals like much and don’t hesitate to put them into practice.Also remember that this gallery to share with family and friends that you think that the subject might like.