How to Wear Slip-on Shoes Stylishly like the Famous

Practical, versatile, comfortable and elegant, sneakers never go out of style and are the favorite of all women, as they can be used in different situations.

Depending on the detail, the sneakers are suitable for all types of occasions. For example, a glossy, pre-metallic or metalized shoe is synonymous with sophistication, so it can be worn at a party. The colorful and flashy sneakers are more suitable for day-to-day, casual looks. Lacquered or animal textured sneakers combine with stylish and sexy looks. It all depends on what you need and want to pass on to the observer.

A proof that the sneaker is really made for all women is that it also helps to lengthen the silhouette. In that case, the trick is to wear a thin-tipped sneaker with a color that matches the skin tone of the wearer. The color break prevents the silhouette from being cut off, thus giving a high impression.

The celebrities have also joined the sneakers and use and abuse models, colors and textures. It has something for everyone.

Check below the famous looks that have not resisted the charm of this shoe and abuse, you too, the darling sneakers!

Bruna Marquezine

Short shorts, jacket and sneaker are the perfect time to balance the look. The ribbon on the end of Bruna Marquezine’s sneaker still gave a romantic touch to the look.

Chloe Moretz

In that look, the sneaker was responsible for relaxing the whole black look.

Selena Gomez

The metallic tone of the sneaker gave glamor to the production. And the romanticism of the shoe broke the sensuality of the dress.

Fernanda Lima

Colorful sneakers help give the look more bare. However, remember to use some other colored or impact piece close to the face so as not to break the silhouette.

Christina Ricci

The classic black sneaker is error-proof! For those who want to take advantage to lengthen the silhouette, the tip is to opt for a thin-tipped sneaker: it’s sophistication guaranteed!

Mackenzie Foy

She bet on black and white that never goes out of style! The production gave her an air of a modern princess.

Sophia Abrahão

The color, very close to the color of the skin, helped to lengthen the silhouette. And the super romantic bow broke the ice of the rest of the look!

Zosia Mamet

To complete a modern look, nothing better than a modern sneaker. Zosia raved about the choice of color, fine beak and shoe print to complete the look full of straight and angular lines.

Taylor Swift

The sneaker brought a touch of modernity in the look “Grandma’s wardrobe”.