How to Wear Scarves in the Winter!

An accessory that is always hit in winter but was forgotten from the famous pashiminas ‘s scarf! It turns out that in recent weeks sets–both haute couture and prêt-à-porter–the scarves were part of looks and even created a new identity for the parades.

For example, in the Burberry almost all looks took the same long scarf with the loose ends in front of the body, but stuck with a belt. In the most-watched show look, used by Man Delevingne, still rolled a coat thrown over the production–nothing more cool and comfortable for winter!

Generally speaking, I realized that the most common way to use are the really long templates with the loose ends–this trick is great to elongate the silhouette and as the giant scarf you can use a basic suit scarf transforms the look . If you want to be a little bit different, it’s worth gently in front of tying body, but still leave the loose ends.

How do I know that not all will enjoy the idea of super scarf, because that model is more difficult to be found, it’s worth betting on the maxi scarf that is more common in our wardrobe like that of pied-de-coq used on first look. Breaking, separated some ways to use the famous tissues because they update the look with great efficiency, protect from the cold, which is the main and are comfortable.

You can use the handkerchief up tied up in the head like that first picture, I swear I thought it was stylish and use Yes! Indeed, who has never used this way in the days of incessant and super cold wind? I give this trick sempreee! Other ideas are: make a maxi node, two laps in the neck with the ends tied to the back of the head or with loose ends–whatever use, bet on scarves this winter that will be hit of the season!

Are you going to bet?

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