How To Wear Pants To A Wedding

Wedding season continues and the search for a perfect fit with a guest. Chic, stylish and easy to recover from, why not try the pants?

Five marriages, four dresses, a range twice this summer. But for some, there is still some ceremonies to honor. Lace summer dresses and other printed skirts? The pants could save the day, especially when the temperatures are no longer rising. Often shunned in the days of fine weather, the skirt, the carrot pants, the flare, the jumpsuit or the suityet take up the ranks come summer Indian and, to the borders of winter . It remains to choose the form that will not be ashamed to face the rigor required ceremony.


The New Skirt

Although the dress mind bridesmaid seems to reign supreme in weddings, palazzo pants, understand fluid, wide and long, or a pants-skirt give much comfort and style. Worn with high sandals, they are just as elegant a dress draped. Did we need to clarify that the jeans of course is persona non grata? The catsuit is it, welcome to the marriage of our cousin, provided you pay attention to the cut and to the material. We forget the jersey because no question of ending the day with the rumpled look. The other advantage of trousers? We can finally afford white, associate provided are a top or a colored jacket.

Art And Material

The trend is pantsuit. The ayatollahs of the skirt does not engage hyper ventilation, the fall-winter 2016-2017 combo nothing like this suit bought for our first interview in 2003. This door release Fitte tuxedo and a bit offbeat with precious materials and vibrant colors. At J.Crew, it is worn above the ankle and a fuchsia pink top tempered by the muted colors. The crushed velvet trend lands on an Indian red model from Free People bohemian dandy in a release. At Pallas, the tuxedo becomes carmine for a more theatrical look. Just have to find the winning combo for the boldest and other followers of the overlay.