How to Wear Long Skirts

If you think the long skirts are too style “gypsy” for you, you are mistaken, here is now taking new forms and vary the patterns to suit all needs.
Long skirts back always in fashion, but this year there is news.

First, there are many occasions and different ways to wear them. My advice is to stay on the ethnic and gypsy style regarding the morning and early afternoonA fresh fabric is great for september time, the length protects us from unpredictable weather and the protection applies also in those critical days before waxing so we can stay always super fashion.

For the late afternoon and evening along very maxi skirts high, maybe life pleated, for the period up to the autumn we can still dare with bright colors. Anyone wishing to look a bit more “sloppy” will choose the skirts cotton with a sporty model and large side pockets, to match with sneakers or studded boots. If you look for the news you need to have the asymmetrical skirt (short front and long rear) with double cloth in different textures, these will create transparency perfect games for an evening of fun as imaged on

The convenience of such a garment in general, in addition to the fact that the legs are free and are not sealed in skinny jeans, is that they can change our look with only one accessory to be ready to various occasions. Let me explain: a long pleated skirt can be worn with high heels or even with the Converse All Star, with wedges or ballerinas. It depends on the image you want to have, in any case you will always be impeccable.

They can be combined with crop top, very easy to find, even with blouses or stretch. If the shirt has some kind of fantasy I suggest a solid skirt, but if our maxi has specific printouts wear a simple top.

To dispel the myth that this head “shortens”! If you are petite then bets on high shoe and take the longer skirt that you find, you will look indeed much higher.

Still you do not have a skirt? You have to run to the store! Yes you read right, it only takes one-aways, eventually you will get your skirt”multitasking” and you’ll be ready to conquer the world. Maybe I overdid it… but at least a nice guy?!