How to Wear Cuff Buttons

Buttons of cuff links Golden, silver, gold, loop, chain… There are different categories. Today, the accessory has become the essential. He brings more to our holding and sets us apart from others. The cufflink is a part, it is the symbol of masculine elegance. There are instructions to wear them well.

According to holidaysort, your cuff buttons must be matched to the other accessories (watch, jewelry, tie, belt…) of your outfit. If you wear a gold watch, wear cuff links Golden, if it is silver jewelry, wear silver buttons or silver color.

Alternatively, you can also choose them based on the handle of your watch. For example if the market of your watch is Brown and the watch shows silver color, wear Brown machete buttons. It is imperative to have cufflinks that you’re going to wear the same color as another element that you’re going to wear.

You are not required to take the same colors but rather colors approaching either lighter or darker.

Important to know, the machete buttons are based on the ceremony, of the moment (day or evening). During the day it’s more relaxed, follow them recorded above but at night, for example with a black Tuxedo wear colors of black buttons. This is not the same with a classic suit, the choice is more free (Golden, money…)