How to Wear Blazer with Slacks

Neapolitan jacket: its characteristics and origins

It’s summertime, and you Often, every man taking care of ict Image and Its allure Arises the question: how to dress light, wear comfortable clothes while remaining elegant and natural?

If we Consider That the blazer jacket is one of the masterpieces and iconic pieces of the male wardrobe, qui to move countries to find the right dress and find the unusual pearl? The answer is clear: in our transalpine neighbors, the Italians. Even Those That blend so well this subtle and natural blend of chic and casual spoken of you Often: the ”  sprezzatura  ” (qui literally means “nonchalance” in Italian).

This is an opportunity to the Chat the clothing That Represents quintessential spirit “neglected sought” if this home, and every man desire elegant: the Neapolitan jacket. Taking ict technical name from an assembly Originally designed by tailors in Naples, this room is caractérisé by a very slight shoulder gold-even a full Lack of padding (the padding in the shoulders).

This process Gives the wearer a look That Is Both natural and dressed , sophisticated enough since it is associated with the right accessories (my advice is this a little lower). The ease sensation immediate is: perfectly matching your shoulder for you, bring Almost like a shirt, and you will feel more free in your movements and your approach.

How to wear the Neapolitan jacket?

Because of ict natural mounting, this jacket goes perfectly with all the raw and natural materials. You can find cotton or linen; With, in my case, a preference for linen / cotton blend (for its lightness and perfect fall).

In addition, it supports Almost all combinations of looks, most is dressed in more casual. This is its great strength! You can decline to follow your needs and circumstances, whether as a costume or to an odd port.

Wear a suit with a Neapolitan shoulder helps Reconcile dressed and conventional outfit with a spirit of “sportswear chic”.

HOWEVER, it is to my mind with an odd harbor is really leveraged the casual spirit of the room, ie When one combined the Neapolitan jacket with pants of Reviews another tissue.

The Therefore Neapolitan jacket perfectly combined with jeans and a plain white shirt, blue or pastel colors. It can be worn with aussi chinos and colorful accents for the intrepid MOST of you, or with a light flannel for a formal dress, purpose always natural and elegant.

Where a Neapolitan jacket and for what price?

Good news: buy a Neapolitan shoulder jacket Does not Significantly more expensive than more traditional and common–other jacket with padding. And you are not obliged to fly to Naples or Rome (though that would be the perfect opportunity!).

One can find in France a beautiful Neapolitan jacket cotton or linen / cotton, at around € 300/400, in very good French brands Such As J-Keydge (the called Expired Home The “slack jacket”) or Italian as Fradi , qui a ouvert Shop in Paris in late 2014.

I have a Spanish brand aussi Discovered: Lander URQUIJO, Offering great jackets Neapolitan shoulder, the very characteristics Studied and proportions: two-button jacket, pocket ticket slight angle and two back slits high enough .

These 3 brands (Among Others), offer at least the attributes Sought for the purchase of clothing: a quality fabric, making a controlled and well Placed price positioning. In short, solid values ​​that will sublimate your closet just like a nice pair of shoes.

To find jackets at more affordable rates (between 200 and 300 €) and has quality fabric and very proper mounting, orient your research Toward  Suitsupply, qui offers models varied and of good quality (linen, hemp / wool or cotton / linen).

Note Benedict: Cadot aussi offers two very good light jackets , wool Vitale Barberis, at a great price. And finally, For Those Who-have the budget, you can not miss éclectic and Its fabric-covered Entirely jackets.

Also be aware That Massimo Dutti , the more upscale brand Zara is a alternative good to discover the pleasure of the Neapolitan shoulder  for less than € 150 . You will be surprised by the models of their new collection with bright colors that I find at that price rather successful.

Finally, to find a nice following in Neapolitan shoulder, push the door of Arthur & Fox gold shopCremieux , Offering half-season suits around € 800.

How to choose your Neapolitan jacket?

To guide you in your purchase, here are Some tips and selection criteria That will help you make the MOST of the qualities of this piece:

  • Choose one if enough can be bent and close to the body, to preserve this natural spirit That characterizes it.
  • Spruce up your jacket with a pocket (linen or cotton, plain or patterned) to accentuate the “sprezzatura” side. With jeans or chinos, the effect is guaranteed.
  • Prefer, in a mismatched release of a model with patch pocket without flap (more consistent with the casual appearance of the product, less classical).
  • Unhesitatingly opt for the version of dual slots in the back (INSTEAD of one). This is the MOST common version as the far more comfortable to slip His Hands in His Pockets. It est aussi The Most elegant , Because It Gives a sure harmony entre les natural bending of the jacket and the line of the basin.

Finally, notes That if you want to face Some morning frosts in April or September, you can quite associate it with a jacket without sleeves, qui will value natural Especially the shoulder of your jacket. I invite you on this subject to (re) read the great test of Benedict on this piece , so qui will complement your Neapolitan jacket.

Conclusion: I think on the Neapolitan jacket

After all, so it’s a piece very versatile , qui HAS no particular Disadvantage.

Certainly this is the kind of clothing That suits Especially For a man with a little square shoulders, as it marries the lines and will highlight. Nevertheless, whatever your body and your body-type , mounting the shoulder is so natural and gentle That will ease your (small) body structure imperfections. Therefore it is suitable for all!

Neapolitan shoulder or jacket slack in fall and winter! The  flannel, cashmere, velvet “milleraie” or moleskin are all materials That will help you brave the cold days, with an elegance and casualness Studied Many will envy; Among your family as your workplace!