How to Wear and Match with a Bodice


The bodice has a female boss suitable for many uses and different combinations: thanks to the existence of the bodices of different decorations, from the simplest to the most elaborate, can in fact be a casual head but also elegant, can be used as lingerie very sexy or as a key piece of a look both day and evening, and during the summer it can also be worn simply as a tank top. Let us see in this guide as you can carry and match a bodice, to be always perfect and at ease in any situation. Enjoy the reading!


Make sure you have on hand:

a bodice

A jacket

Skirts and / or trousers

The bodice was founded as head of clothing exclusively intimate, but with time and especially from the 80’s it became a real piece of clothing to be used also during the day, such as tank top. Of course, you can still use it as an undergarment, indeed: a new lace bodice maybe could really be a nice surprise for your him. Your use of the bodice is still tied to his style and the model if it is very low-cut or modeling you should wear under other clothes, as a corrective underwear: its modeling effect is indeed very suitable to hide the bacon and broad hips, making the silhouette more feminine. You can then use it under a blouse or even a dress, so as to be even more beautiful and sexy.

The bodice is very well visible under the jacket of a suit, either skirt or trousers. A look like that is also suitable for the job, just obviously do not you take off your jacket and remnants with a piece maybe too sexy or visibly intimate. If the jacket you can use two contrasting colors, for example bodice color ivory and black jacket, to have a new look but definitely classy. If you want to wear it at work, prevents the lace bodice decorated or too: it is better to keep something neutral but elegant, so as to be charming and feminine without running the risk of falling into the vulgar.

The use and combination of the bodice also depend on the fabric it is made ​​and its structure: there are those silk or satin are the most sensual and elegant, while those in stretch cotton, microfibre or jersey they look more casual and informal. The bodice comfortable both with pants that with the skirt; if it is tight match it to a beautiful flowing skirt or wheel, as it was very fashionable in the 50s, and take it with a pair of jeans or skinny Capri it is softer or has a high empire cut. Good fun!


Never forget:

Only tighten the bodice: it obviously helps to shape your figure, but if it becomes uncomfortable to wear will make you look awkward and uncomfortable.