How To Wear a Jeans Shirt

Who does not have jeans or jeans in the closet, right? Because like these pieces, the jeans shirt is a superversatile item, which fits well in any style. Open or closed, it is easy to combine and accompanies diverse occasions, always giving a special highlight to the visual.

In everyday life, it can be used for both work and it is also a good option for a stroll, or even for a night out. By breaking a bit of the formality of the piece, the jeans shirt is also an interesting choice when you do not need to go social, but if you want to be well dressed and modern.

In the fall-winter season it becomes an essential item, but even in the summer, it goes with almost everything. That is, the jeans shirt is those pieces that come in and out of the closet constantly and every man should have it within reach!

If you do not already have one of these in your closet, it is more than time to invest in the jeans shirt. Check out some style tips with Hangar 33 products to get the most out of this and this season.

How To Make Jeans Combinations

Serge, chino pants and other similar materials are excellent to accompany the jeans shirt.In order not to make mistakes, the simplest option is to wear black pants or in dark color, like burgundy tones. The combination with earthy tones (beige, brown) or with a camouflaged print is also great-and great for use on sunny days and outdoor events.

The use of the jeans shirt with white pants or very light colors is not advised to all people, as it can flatten the silhouette and leave the impression of the body being shorter – that is, it can make you look lower. It is only indicated in really tall men.

Already the combination of denim shirt with jeans is also possible via One of the main tips is to have different washes or treatments on one of the pieces (ex: faded, stained, stained), or at least do not use shades too close together. Otherwise, you risk looking like you’re wearing a full-body overalls and that’s not the proposal!

For The Cold Days

On days of warmer temperatures, combine the piece in overlaps with jackets. You get a sporty look by wearing your shirt over a sweatshirt or over or under a light jacket, using both the open and the closed part.

To build a different and more elegant effect, wear the jeans shirt with blazer, structured jackets or a good quality cardigan. If the intention is to keep in line, make the combination with twill or tailor pants and avoid the jeans. Do not forget to also wear casual footwear such as men’s boots.

In fact, the jeans shirt also wears very well in shorts. In this case, the lighter tones do not have the same effect of the pants and serve well to any man. Just the use of jeans with jeans, the same hints of contrast between tones or washes remain to create a more harmonious look.

Give preference to twill pieces, especially beige, and avoid shorts or shorts that are too sporty or beachy.

Anyway, it is more than proven that it is possible to use and abuse the jeans shirt all year, without great difficulties, and always following your style. Now, enjoy and get yours once in our online store!