How to Use:Cardigan

If we did a ranking with the most versatile parts of the wardrobe, the cardigan would definitely tops the list. Is a lightweight piece that saves you in the days fresh (and air conditioning). The original models are made of wool, but nowadays we can find options in various tissues. Can have front buttons or not. As well as the length, which can be short, basic or stretched.

Easy to combine as he only, this piece is actually one of those essential items in the closet. How about some tips on How to use cardigan? Check out and get inspired to repaginate your looks!

Cardigan-Casual Look

The freedom to choose prints, colors and different models is much greater. Enjoy to play with the contrasts between the pieces, mixing textures and patterns differ. It is also interesting – and ultra fashion-“misalign” look: a long cardigan with short or short skirt, for example.

Cardigan-Look Work

The cardigan on the desktop brand presence in any season. He is perfect to protect themselves from air conditioning and can also be an alternative to compose looks aligned. Here, the ideal is to choose Classic and basic models. We have selected two elongated models, which let give a touch of fashion to the production.

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