How to Use Women’s Cardigan

Hello, today I will go back to talk about the winter trends, specifically about the women’s cardigan, with the temperature falling he becomes a good option.

The cardigan is a play generally in mesh, the neckline can be in the form of U or V, he is open, like a jacket, and has buttons to close. Its length varies, can be up to just above the hips or lower, known as maxi cardigan.

Is a very versatile and the combination with other parts that will determine the final outcome of the look, so you can use it for many different situations, just off a notch. I usually use to go to school and internship. I can quietly compose a look suitable for these occasions.

Models of women’s Cardigan

The models of women’s cardigan are many, separated a few to give you an idea.

Tips and care with the Cardigan

As I mentioned, the feminine cardigan can have different lengths. If you’re too short, choose the shortest, that way you give the impression that the trunk is proportional to your height, and doesn’t appear to reduce the length of the legs. So has the wide hip, prefer the longer and neutral colors to avoid a highlight at the hip.

How to use the women’s Cardigan

The choice of a garment should always take into consideration your personality and what type of clothing is accustomed to use, what’s your style? On top of that you choose to use and is really easy to adapt the cardigan.

Informal occasions

It’s always good to be well lit. Whether for a stroll at the Mall, bar with her friends, birthdays or events in General, good options are shorts jeans, long skirts and dresses. These are moments that we wish to avoid pants, it is very likely that you have used all week and now wants to relax.

To complement you choose the appropriate shoes, as we assume that it’s a little chilly, prefer closed-toe shoes like boots and sneakers. But nothing prevents to use with sandal trailing until cools once, has been my choice. Therefore, a short black dress, a maxi cardigan and grey short-barreled boots dark and you have a sophisticated look. Don’t forget the accessories.

University and internship

For class I’d rather take the jeans or leggings, if I suspect will cool already take my cardigan. Put a blouse underneath, and it’s okay. To the stage the same thing. This look with pants the shoe fits well, besides being a good shoe to work.


If your company allows, you can use with jeans. Underneath you uses a more elaborate blouse with lace for example. The feminine cardigan can do the times of the blazer. A shoe, shoes, closed shoes or sandals give more seriousness to the look.

In addition to being able to use in all these occasions to enhance the look you can add some cool accessories, example: half pants can be worn with short dresses, scarves or scarf and has used a lot of belts to mark the waist.