How to Use Shirt in Different Ways

In today’s video teaching How to use shirt super ways different from traditional, anyway, the shirt is a piece that accompanies us in any occasion. But it’s always good to get a change in the way you use to let their looks even more stylish and take off your shirt’s look of work. I know that for many girls to play means dress code of Office and when the weekend even imagine that it is possible to create a different production and whimsical with the same shirt to work.

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This video is to show just how versatile a shirt can be on a daily basis- you can create up to super daring looks, just play a little bit with the styling of this piece. After all, I show you how to use shirt in a day bereft of walking and a lot of fun ways creating a neckline shoulder to shoulder with the part as was seen on the international fashion week. Or using the wrong way to give a nice effect to your back! After all, you can play with overlays and unusual combinations, come with me to learn how to use a shirt way cool and multiply your wardrobe!

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Photos/Video: Frisson

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