How To Use Pants Leggings: 5 Important Tips

Ooooi, goxxxtosas! Everything good?

Loves, our talk today will be about a piece that I’m sure have in every woman’s wardrobe, the<legging pants 3

I love leggings by be a play nice, comfortable, practical, and generally has a price that fits in our pocket! They are very useful, especially on colder days. And with the arrival of winter, it’s a great option to have in your wardrobe. She does excellent combinations with dresses, jacket, coat. Is pure style. But as well as these pants may be the complement of your look, it can also turn into a play wrong, if not paired properly.

1 – Avoid Transparency!

There are fabrics and fabrics. And choose one that does not stretch to the point of leaving transparencies is a great idea! It’s always nice to get dressed before you buy. Because she may not have a transparency very visible, however, introduce transparency when dress. Let it be clear that I have no problem with using transparent pants, but it’s my choice. I don’t like that feeling of panties, you know? I feel uncomfortable. And as I know you have many girls who feel that way, that’s my first tip.

2-Ideal Size

The legging in itself mark the feminine curves. If you do not like to have more pronounced curves, or not satisfied with your body, it’s good to avoid. A time is horrible we left home with that feeling of being uncomfortable with the clothes we are wearing. I’d rather take to choose the look, try 10 clothes to feel comfortable with a match with leggings. It is important to be attentive to the size of the piece, because women have problems with fairer clothes make the private parts. So the shorter and more tight leggings, but evident are the marks. In this case, the black leggings are a great option because they tend to hide it well, both brands, how much cellulite you are more evident on fabrics, tighter (Yes, we do!).

3-How To Match Your Clothes

Loves, although like give a da on the look and use peçaas to recover the body, I’m pretty balanced in relation to the combination. For example, when I wear shorts or skirts shorter, usually use manguinha sweaters to give a balanced. And I also do it with leggings. As she’s very evidence our legs, I usually combine with jacket, dresses, blouses more soltinhas. I don’t usually wear anything that mark very the safety belt, or when use, put a jacket on top and I’m ready! It is clear that this is not a rule. It’s my choice, for feeling more comfortable. Ahh, another thing! I also don’t normally combine two prints. If the pants are smooth, I use and abuse of the print on my blouse. If the pants are printed, use a plain blouse. Same thing goes for lists.

4–To Match The Shoe

I usually go with a high-heeled Bootie low, long or short barrel, in the winter, and use with sneakers or shoes on a daily basis. Avoid a little tennis if I didn’t want the clothes completely stay with sport appearance. And although some combinations with sandals give right to be pretty too, I’m not too fond of. Not much my style.But if you feel comfortable, go ahead!

5–Attention To Changes To Your Body!

The leggings can Yes give the impression of legs longer or shorter, thicker or thinner. So it’s always good to be careful with the choice. For the shorties, with shorter legs, it’s good to opt for leggings to the end of the heel, as they pass the impression of longer legs, not to let parts of our leg and skin showing. To the highest, with long legs and who want to appear shorter legs, it’s good to opt for one that ends in the middle part of the ankle, to leave a small part of the leg. In short, stretch trousers and lose weight. Short pants flatten and give the impression of more chubby. Just choose according to what you want to show in your body!