How To Use Maxi Necklaces

There are some seasons the Maxi Necklace has stood out with regard to female accessories. In spite of the great success is not a piece that pleases to all and so little that it looks good in any look or that agrees with any type of body; However that does not mean that you can not use it, just have good sense in the choice.

There are many models of maxi necklaces, made in the most diverse type of materials.Flowers, pearl, beads, crochet, velvet, satin, crystals, everything is valid to create a maxi necklace.You can create your own if you have a handicraft, DIY (Do It Yourself) is fashionable, or if you prefer you can buy it at the famous women’s fashion stores scattered throughout Brazil and Portugal.I am not a fashion expert but below I leave my impressions on the use of this accessory.

See below for a video of Thais do Diva Stuff:

* The maxi necklace itself is an accessory that draws much attention, so choose to use it sparingly avoiding it with giant earrings and excessive bracelets. The higher the collar the less accessories you should use.

* Although the maxi necklace can be paired with several models of clothing, I think it does not match anything wearing it with shirts, or excessively closed clothes.

* If you are not too keen to invest in over-production, RRrjewelry advises you use the maxi necklace with a basic t-shirt.

* The maxi necklace combines perfectly with “V” necklines and “rounded” necklines, as it will be on your skin and the piece is highlighted.

* Maxi collar yes, hyper ultra mega maxi not.Exaggerated pieces compromise the visiual.

* If you are overweight or have a very short “stem”, it may be that wearing a maxi collar is not a good idea, as it will evidence your neck, neck and trunk.If you still want to use it, look for a smaller and more discreet piece.

* Never wear maxi necklaces with polo shirts, the effect is disastrous.

* Be aware of the mix of prints, polka dot skirt, striped blouse and flowery necklace, it will be a chaotic combination.

* The same goes for extremely elaborate necklaces with regard to the combination of plastic or acrylic pieces or flowers of exaggerated sizes.

* Lined clothes with ruffles and excessive information clash with the maxi glue that by itself is a piece destined to attract glances.

* Be careful not to give up the temptation to combine several necklaces, or a maxi necklace with another necklace style, some combinations can totally compromise your look.

* Try matching the colors of the necklace with your outfit, it is less tiring visually if the necklace is the same color as your outfit.

* To highlight the necklace, use hair caught in a bun, or a ponytail.

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