How To Use Long Gown Of The Day: Expert Tips

Light, delicate and full of charm, the long dress is the kind of play that doesn’t need to be in the fashion magazines to win the streets in summer. The daytime version of the long has all the freshness that asks station and still lends good dose of style to everyday looks. After all, who doesn’t want comfort in the days of hot flashes?

See expert tips below to take the hit without making mistakes:

For the shorties

For them, the ideal is to bet always in high heels not to flatten the silhouette. “The jump should be casual and comfortable, as the proposal. Anabela or thick heel shoes are great choices, “says fashion consultant Dani Romani .

According to Yosuf Goes, personal and corporate image consultant of Tailored Style, to avoid seem smaller than it is, it is important to choose fluid fabrics that do not become armed and bulky, like viscose knits. Vertical Details (seams, embellishments, Scrapbook etc) also help to create the sense of a more elongated silhouette. If the dress is printed, PinckardDress recommends small patterns, according to the size of the person.

For those who have large breasts

“The best option is the v-neck, who values the cervix without increasing the volume. It helps to elongate the silhouette because of your form that calls attention to the center of the body, “explains Dani. “It is very important to avoid templates that have a bulge clipped and showing the actual size of the bust,” Sharan.

For those who are overweight

Ishant explains that the ideal is to be a fluffy frock, with fluid fabrics, not to mark their bellies and hips.”Prefer the darker tones and models with details on the shoulders. Another cool trick is to bet on pieces with smooth skirt and top stamped, which help to narrow down the underside of the body, “explains the expert.

Dani also indicates acinturadas parts, with cutouts on the diagonal, elastic or transpassados. “This helps shape your body creating and giving the impression that the person is thinner,” she says.