How to Use a Long Cardigan

The cardigan is a shelter room and easy to match, and is a great fashion trend back with everything. Is ideal to incorporate into their looks, both with jeans, skirts and even dresses. And there are a wide variety of designs and colors to choose what you like best.

Today we will give you ideas on how to use a cárdigan to incorporate into their looks in the continuation.

With short dress

If you want a relaxed and chic shelter, a long cardigan is ideal to complement with a short dress. Choose a neutral color like gray or can also opt for a colorful cardigan.

Add some accessory and will have a great casual look.

With skirt

If you want a unique and trendy look, long cardigans of bold colors like green water are a great option. But instead combine them with classic jeans, anime in combine with a leather skirt and a cropped.

Add sandals or heels, and you’ll see how to reach a unique and modern look.

With pants

A more classic option but attractive, is to combine a long cardigan with a pair. You can choose a look in neutral colors and complementary with a white shirt. Add a bracelet to give a touch of color.


The long patterned cardigans are a great option to wear with leggings, pants or jeans. Choose a cheerful and modern print as the pattern of circles or stripes and choose colors you like to use.

Combine with a classic legging add a necklace or accessory to give a unique touch.

With long gown

Another excellent option to wear a cardigan is with a long dress. If you have a long gown in neutral colors like gray or black, cheer up the match with a long cardigan in any strong color like mustard or violet. Add a scarf to give a touch more color, and have a great look everyday.

The long cardigans are shelters that are worth using. You can combine them with any piece including some high-waisted shorts. For both the day and the night, the cardigan will give you the modern touch to your look.