How to Tie Converse Shoes in Different Ways

If you want to know how to tie Converse Men who have just bought in original ways, unconventional and trendy, then this article is for all of you.

The classic ways to fasten your Converse, in fact, may not appeal to everyone: to impress and to be able to make the most of a shoe model always fashionable as are the Converse in all its models (but on all the timeless model Converse All-star), we want to list you some alternative methods to establish their own Converse shoes.

According to sportingology, Converse shoes are a very successful model, mainly due to the worldwide spread of the Converse All-Star model, created in 1923 by an American NBA basketball player, Chuck Taylor, Converse shoes to adapt to the game of basketball and improve their performance, and they are riding high since the sixties until today.

If you’re reading this article, it means that you made ​​for yourselves infected by the passion for these shoes that never go out of style, who do not lose their charm even after almost a century since their launch on the market. Then we discover some tricks and methods to fasten your Converse in alternative ways, that can not exactly go unnoticed!



Fasten Converse with a classic node (but anonymous!) With a bow, it can not be the best choice to bring out your last purchase. Besides being able to tie your shoes with the star node, which is perfectly suited to Converse, let us see other ways to connect them.

Fastening the Converse without showing the laces

First of all, we want to know how to hide the laces and the node if you are not willing to cut new laces of your Converse, then we suggest you to fasten behind the tongue, without inserting the foot in the shoe, so as to be able to make a delicate issue and not too tight, it will not be visible from the outside.

Fastening the Converse without bow

The bow is the node that we learn to do as children, and to some it may seem too trivial or be too childish. To fasten your Converse without making the bow, we can use two straps (one long and one shorter): the short one is inserted in the last loop and do it internally go up buttonhole higher, from which we will do the escape. The other strap, that long, must be inserted in the last loop opposite to that in which we inserted the short one, and slide inside to buttonhole placed immediately above. Here we will extract and we will go out until entering into the eyelet on the opposite side. Then repeat the operation until the last loop, the opposite to that of the short leash spill: we tied the shoes to “Straight Bar”.

Come allacciare le Converse All-star alte o basse

If you bought the Converse All-Star high, we recommend to try to hide the knot (according to current trends); alternatively, the star node is one of the best as regards the Converse All-star. If you bought the Converse All-Star low, one of the alternative ways that is the most popular it is to tie the laces with a knot behind the ankle (or sideways), not visible and easy to tie.

Fastening the checkered Converse

Fasten Converse checkerboard is a very popular and very flashy way to wear shoes. It is also easier than it sounds: First, you need two different colored laces. Then enter a string of one color making him go outside in all the loops, keeping the horizontal strap, then drawing parallel lines. Once the process is complete, we take the different colored strap, insert it into the eyelet higher and we do vertically Pass the string so that it passes alternately once above and once below the horizontal strap. Once arrived at the bottom, you have to turn the tie, always keeping it flat and start the operation to completion. I strongly advise you to keep very close ties during this operation will prevent the shoes slaccino and having to start over.