How to Teach Your Dog to Lie Down?

Several methods to teach “lying” to your dog!

As soon as it is tiny, the dog loves learning new tricks! For him, it’s an opportunity to develop his intelligence (and to win treats), and for you, these are special moments together! A most useful basic towers, is to teach your dog to lie down on request.

Why Teach Your Dog to Lie Down?

As for humans, find the perfect position when you have to stand still is not always easy. If you wait somewhere and it must last some time, sitting or standing, your dog may get tired. As much tell right away the best position!

In fact, when he’s lying, your dog is much quieter! Without getting upset and yelling, it’s a very good way to restore balance when he’s very excited, after a good session of game, for example.

Finally, if your dog is large, it impresses less when he’s lying. If you are in the presence of people who are not very comfortable with him, it’s a way to reassure: it seems smaller and it is quiet! Not to be afraid!

Attention however, do not use the “lying” to send your dog into her basket and punish him when he makes a mistake, or exceptionally. Otherwise, it may be the amalgam between enforcement and punishment. He would feel punished whenever you ask him to lie down, even if he did nothing wrong!

In all cases, your dog must already know the “sitting” to learn the “sex”!

Traditional Method to Learn How to Lie

Used for a very long, she is to wait until your dog is sitting. You put in front of him and him gently take the legs to pull them towards you. Mechanically, the dog ends up in the prone position. By doing this, you say “down” so that it combines the position and the word.

When he’s lying, you can pet him and congratulate him.

Of course, must be repeated often. We’re talking 5-10 times per day for several weeks.

If your dog is resistant or complains, stop and try to understand what troubles. Perhaps the surface is distasteful to him, maybe is stressed by something outside, maybe your action is too fast.

In any case, do not force it, do not pull on its legs, do not press on his back the way down close to the ground.

Positive Teaching methods of the “Down” Position

Today, we often favours positive methods, which are to bring the dog to understand an order and execute it voluntarily by rewards.

Method with a Treat

When your dog sits, attract his attention in him presenting a kibble or a treat for them. When he tries to catch him, take down your hand towards the ground and bring the kibble to you until it is lying. Say “down” and give it the kibble in congratulating him.

Repeat several times.

After a while, add a gesture indicating the soil with your finger. Always give the kibble, say “down” and give it the kibble when he took the right position.

After 2 to 3 weeks, you can gradually remove the kibble. Continue to pet him.

Method with a Toy

For this method, aimed especially at young dogs, we create a new rule of the game around his favorite dog toy.

Sit near the basket and throw him the ball. When he reports it, praise him then known as “lying” indicating the basket. It is the rule for you relaunch the ball.

After a few days, when he will fully understand this rule of the game, he will begin to go to bed in his cart at your request.

This method can be combined with the previous. It allows to associate the basket at the request, which may be convenient to keep it quiet at home!

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