How to take notes and sketches on a tablet

While we are enjoying the holidays and summer still ahead throughout the month of August, there is a reality that each passing day is closer: the back to school. Or to the Institute or the University of course. In short: the school years.

There are many ways to prepare and today in technology you will you teach the more technological way. Using a tablet to take notes. It seems magic but is now a reality and, in many cases, it is more useful than the classic pen and paper.

Tablets: what should I more?

Before taking notes with a tablet, perhaps need the most important thing: the team in question. If you already have it, we can move on to the following sections. If this is not our case, keep reading because before we write, it is important to know what we should be most.

Apple with your iPad is quite versatile. It has many applications and which has by default for writing is pretty good, which also automatically synchronizes with iCloud. It pays well, has a good virtual keyboard and many accessories.

There are many Android tablets, and some of them are prepared to take notes. This is the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or 10.1. Others also yield well, if we find applications and corresponding accessories but those who give such are those of Samsung.

Windows 8 also has a lot of interested models reported by cellphoneexplorer. The good thing about these tablets is that they take advantage of all the power of Microsoft’s operating system and is like having a portable something lighter. One of the most interesting options for those who are accustomed to conventional computing. Technology for you to you we have much information on this operating system.

The three options are really good but it is interesting to know what gives each one of them. iPad is attractive by its ecosystem of apps, Android by specific models such as the Note and Windows 8 to offer the experience more similar to a computer.

Applications: word processors and notes by hand

The tablet is important, but so are its applications. As in the previous section, we will be reviewing each platform to see what are the best in each of them. We started as we have done before, with the Apple tablet: iPad.

In the case of iPad, we have the Notes application by default. Also, we have Pages if you need a more powerful editor, iA Writer when you want to write without distractions or Penultimate to take handwritten notes. Finally, Evernote which is cross-platform have everything at hand and organized in a very powerful way.

We continue with Android. There are many very powerful office suites like Kingsoft Office or QuickOffice Pro. We also have applications in the cloud, as Google Drive that integrates seamlessly with the system. EverNote is also present and works perfectly.

The turn of Windows 8. There are many applications that we already used on the computer, but if there is one that stands out above all is Word. Included in Office, has the same power as a computer. If we want more single notes we have One Note, also included in the Office package.

Accessories: keyboard and stylus


Now, we can take notes with the fingers, a pencil or a keyboard. If we are going to use the fingers, we will have to resort to the virtual keyboard. The easiest way is to use a cover which slightly tilt the tablet. Apple has Smart Cover, Samsung its own system…

If you want a physical keyboard, Windows 8 computers usually come with it. If we have Android or iOS, we have wireless Bluetooth models or which dock as if it were a casing, like the iPad for example.

Finally, if ours is to take notes by hand, we have the stylus. Capacitive screens offer good performance and thanks to rubber pointers we can obtain drawings and notes great quality handmade. One of the best examples is the Galaxy Note 8. How tomas you notes with the tablet?