How to Take Care of Your Sleeping Bag

How to take care of your sleeping bag is an article authored by Deuter team and we were allowed to play to our blog readers and customers of our online store.

 We also use sleeping bags from Deuter in our two-year trip around South America, and we love the durability, ease of maintenance and versatility. After all this time, follow these recommendations and our sleeping bag follow great for many more nights!

How To Increase The Life Of The Sleeping Bag

1. Storage Bag

You must keep your sleeping bag in a large storage bag or even loose.The idea is that the filling (synthetic fiber or feather) have room to expand and not be compressed. A good idea is to keep your sleeping bag inside a large pillow pillowcase. Generally, the feather bags come with a large storage bag. Compression bags should be used only when you go camping. Oh! Do not store in plastic bags, because it is important that the sleeping bag to breathe.

2. In Time To Save

Ideally you do not fold and wrap, but put the sleeping bag “anyway”. Yes!Nothing to bend and curl cute. Always bend the same way, the filling will suffering stress always in the same places, what’s going to damage the material.

3. Let Fanning

After each use, leave the sleeping bag well ventilated and ventilated.You can leave it open on the tent to keep everything, and even arriving at home, let air out a little longer. This, to avoid washing the sleeping bag frequently, because it ends up damaging the filling.

4. Use A Liner

Whenever possible, use a liner (a kind of blanket for sleeping bag ). In addition to increasing the temperature range of your sleeping bag liners can be washed easily in the washing machine. So, get dirty on the inside, don’t worry! But your sleeping bag will stay clean for longer.

How To Make The Maintenance Of The Sleeping Bag

1. To Wash Your Sleeping Bag
  1. Close the zips, Velcro and loosen all the cordeletes.
    b. Turn thebaginside out.
    c. Use only SOAP specifically for synthetic fibers and/or feathers. Not having this kind of SOAP, use neutral SOAP for delicates.

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2. Washing By Hand

Put the sleeping bag in warm water and rub with the Palm of my hand delicately. Do not use brushes or anything more “aggressive”. Rinse several times until all the SOAP.

3. Washing In The Machine

The washer should have a capacity of at least 5 kg and must be of drum (without the central shaft that twists the laundry). Place the SOAP for delicates and the machine also cycle action, with water temperature not exceeding 30° c. After washing, rinse several times or do the wash cycle again, but without SOAP.

Never Put Fabric Softener!
Never Centrifuge.

After washing, take the sleeping bag from the machine carefully (it will be too heavy) and put to dry in the shade. Important: Do not hang the sleeping bag . He has to dry horizontally.

4. Drying In The Machine

The machine must have a capacity of at least 7 kg. Put on low temperature (30°c). It is interesting to put 2 or 3 tennis balls inside the machine along with the sleeping bag to help in the process of leaving the loose filling.