How To Start Running Without “Dying” In The Attempt To

If you are planning to get started in this running (the “go running” lifetime), today I tell you how start and not die in the attempt. See these tips that will get to crave you play sport.

Running is fashionable. Yes. For some reason, everyone runs and if you do not belong to the tribe of “runners” it seems that “not you molas”. First thing, first of all, I want to clarify that this is nonsense. If you don’t like to run, does not pass anything. There are a lot of different options that allow you to be in the form: go to the gym, dancing, cycling, skating, walking in the mountains…

For this reason, although today I’m going to talk about running, my idea is encourage you to move. Does not lack that you run, but you do move: to lead a healthy lifestyle have to lift your butt from the sofa (although on the couch is more comfortable) and do some sport.

We spend far too many hours glued to the mobile to the PC, the television… and we lose contact with our mood, our health, with nature, with the change of seasons and the happiness of doing sport outdoor.And it is that personally, although during my life, I’ve gone much to the gym, I feel that exercise outdoors helps you even more to free the mind, connect with yourself, to enjoy the endorphinsgenerated by your body when you exercise you…

What was.

How To Start Running?

Each week are new plans on the internet that encourage you to start running afresh alternating running with walking for facilitating that progression so hard that it supposed to start. You speak of minutes of career, minutes back to the calm, kilometers, steps… Many of these plans are great, no doubt, but for years I have been already proposing a somewhat different alternative that, if you have my book to run, you will already know.

I tell you…

When I started running I was as yet not die of exhaustion and suffocation as the last thing I needed was to be aware of a set plan. Enough effort was supposed to not die! Because Yes, oddly enough, all have had “first day” in this running and no one, no one, even though he says otherwise, it has been easy. There are people that costs less and can soon make 30 minutes of race without problem; and there are people for that 30 seconds assume you want a quick and painless death. Each person is a world.

And as each person is different, what I recommend to people that it is starting to run (or wants to start) is the following:

Let’s go jogging at a pace so comfortable that we can maintain a conversation.It is not necessary that you go accompanied, as normal is that you can assess what that pace without necessarily having to be talking. Although, what deceive us, it always helps if we can roll to a neighbor, a brother, sister-in-law, cousin, or, why not, your dog.

If we were left without air, let run automatically and go walking.When we recover and we can talk again without spoiling the livers, we will start back jogging. You know yourself better than anyone else, so you’ll quickly see what is your limit.

Should not be posting the minutes of career and walking.No need. No notes the miles or minutes or steps or anything. I just want to concentrate on leave a few days a week for half hour or three quarters. Tries to always keep this alternation between comfortable pace (so comfortable that you can speak) and walking fast (when comes to an end you air).

We will do this week after week, and little by little you will notice that you can go longer and longer jog. It can cost you a month to run followed by half an hour without stopping to walk, or in a week you may have it resolved. It is not better or worse. As I say, each person is a world!

Once you have managed to run 30 minutes followed will be closer to establish our new goal: run 5 km (of which I’ll talk about in a post a little later). In a short time we managed to create a routine in our habits since, as I always repeated my trainer, a habit is generated in a period between 26 and 32 days. From that moment, running will cost less. How do you see it? do you feel?

But wait, not you shims you sneakers yet.Before, I’d like to solve any doubts that may arise to you (before they arise you):

Where/When Run?

If you live in a city it is best that you go to a park as plain as possible (if you have the sea, the promenade!) and try to run in the hours of less heat. Avoid running down the street, you’ll be breathing all the pollution emitted by cars and have to go dodging obstacles. If you live in the countryside, as it runs through anywhere, but avoid roads with many loose stones that a sprain can cause if you lose you.

What To Wear For Running?

The most important thing is the shoes and, if you are female, the sports bra. I ahondaré more on both issues in upcoming posts, but basically it is important that you seek a running shoes(not worth of football, or flip-flops, or victoria, or vans, etc.). Don’t have to be the most expensive in the store, but if possible it would be ideal that you adjust your weight and tread (I will tell you, already).

Regarding sport bra in women, it is essential to avoid problems later. It has to be your size and exercise a high grip.Otherwise, the rest of clothing is necessary that it suits the climate in which you are running (not by sweating more you are going to lose more weight, by the way, that sometimes in summer looks to people running with long sleeves and short pants…) and above all, you are comfortable to wear.

And If They Laugh At Me?

No one is going to laugh at you. And if they laugh, let me know and I will tell you four things! Ja, ja, ja. Just kidding. What I mean is that for very ridiculous to you to make the first day (and the second and the third…), good thing about running is that it has supporters of all kinds, weights, appearances and lifestyles career.

So don’t worry, even though it’s your first day, sure you come across many more for which run also implies an effort (and have the same fears as you). So if your shoes aren’t the most cool, your tights are old, or your career is non-existent, the important thing is that you spend a good time and to get home and while you are giving you that well-deserved shower, you feel happy and proud. The rest is secondary!

Well, I hope to have you convinced and soon you are enjoying the benefits of half hour of daily race two or three times a week.

See you soon here!!