How to Start Playing Badminton

You want to start with badminton, racket, but do not know what to buy? Badminton for a while and you’re ready for a new racket, but have no idea which one to choose? You are not alone with this problem and the wide range of rackets will also make it easier to choose not to. Yet there are some things you can check to make choosing easier and eventually buy a rack that fits you and your style of play, so you can only forward again.

The brand

There are many brands badminton rackets. Some well known brands at a glance:

  • Yonex
  • Carlton
  • Forza
  • Yang
  • Babolat

While Yonex undisputed market leader and probably the most famous brand, is because the choice of a particular brand is still on your personal preferences. All these brands provide rackets of excellent quality, but we prefer Yonex, since they have long shown that make good quality rackets, while others prefer to go to Yangyang, because you will not pay for the name.
So many people want so much and if you choose a brand that you would like to buy a Badminton racket you can start looking at other specifications, as well as within the brands differ greatly from each other rackets.


The shape of the racket head affects your stroke. In General, rackets has two forms, oval and isometric. An isometric racket has a somewhat blunt tip, is the sweet spot of racquets larger, so your timing must be less accurate. It, but you deliver something in strength. In an oval racket, is the sweet spot less but more concentrated.


A second point of focus is the flexibility of the racket. Roughly speaking, you have four degrees of flexibility. To rigid most flexible:

  • Extra stiff
  • Stiff
  • Medium flex
  • Flexible

How hard is your racket, the less it will spring back when you hit it, so the more control you have over your work, but the more power you need to get the shuttle far back in the field. For children, beginners and ladies with less force, it is advisable to use a flexible racket like racket than makes up for the lack of strength through the trampoline effect of the tribe.

Balance sheet

The place where the center of gravity varies racket. What is good for you depends on your style of play. There are rackets with three different scales on the market:

  • The Main Heavy
  • Evenbalance
  • Headlights

Head Heavy Balance: rackets with a head heavy balance sheet has the main focus of the Summit. These rackets are primarily intended for attacking players who want to make powerful punches. Because the racket is heavier at one end, to the racket less mobile, and therefore more difficult to defend.
Even Balance: the word says it all, even Balance, this racket no gravity, balance is divided equally between the blade and grip. This type of rackets lie somewhere between the Head heavy and light Head rackets.
Headlights: headlights rackets have a brighter top, they are fast, smooth, quick change of success is possible. Smashes and other hard punches but don’t get that extra bit of power that gives a head heavy racquets. Head light rackets are specially suited for the defensive players who like quick action.


The importance of a racket may also play a role in your choice. Generally, badminton rackets is very easy, but there are small differences in the importance of various rackets. In which class is your racket can be found on the label above the handle. The different weight classes are:

  • 4U: 80 grams?? 84 grams
  • 3U: 85 grams? 89 grams
  • 2U: 90 grams? 94 g
  • 1U 95 gram and heavier

The lighter, sleeker racket will be. However, you should also have more power to hold the racket in the same motion. For the strong player on the field in reverse, it may be worthwhile to consider taking a heavier racket. Light rackets are useful for net games because they allow rapid exchange of blows.
Hopefully, the choice of a humming now become easier. Decide in advance what your play style and customize your Racquet choice. There is also a question of trying, not two rackets are the same, so you have a racket on the eye, try this for acquisitions once again in a clubgenootje.