How to Sanitize Water Bottles

Hello lovelies,

Today’s tip is about a very important subject: the sanitizing of water bottles. Do not take good care of your bottle can bring diseases in addition to contaminate the water you use to hydrate. To prevent this? Just follow the tips below:

1-disposable bottles are really disposable according to NovoWaterBottles, use them and already disposes of them in the trash. They have the plastic less resistant and Furthermore, your saliva is in contact with the liquid, which causes the bacteria to settle inside the bottle.

2-the ideal is to use bottles with the one-way beak (as pictured), that is, which leaves the bottle back and not contaminate what’s inside her.

3-To sanitize your wash bottle she usually with sponge or a brush to remove all residue. Then fill it with a solution of 1 liter of water + 1 tbsp of bleach, turn the nozzle inside to sanitize the january 2. Let the solution for 1 hour and then rinse.

4-If the bottle was with dark blotches gotta make an interior mechanical removal with uncooked rice. Fill the water bottle halfway, put a tablespoon of rice and shake well. Then launder normally.

5-do not reuse the water that stayed overnight in the bottle and not forget her in the car. The plastic in contact with the heat releases substances harmful to health.

6-remember that the bottles are single use.