How to Make Bag with T-Shirt

We all thought about having that beautiful bag, a bag that was more to our liking and showing a little more of our style and personality. With a beautiful design or simply something very simple. The problem is that whenever we go in the stores the prices are too expensive and it always seems that we do not find what we imagine. There is a solution. It’s pretty easy. Make your own fringe handbag well in fashion, economically good and completely of your liking. In this article from umComo we teach how to make fringe handbag with t-shirt.

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1 If you prefer you can choose to make only a bag with a T-shirt. Now let’s do our fringe bag. For that we will take a shirt, put it on the table, take the scissors and start by cutting the sleeves of the shirt. You can cut the sides together (front and back) no problem at all. After the cut sleeves we go to the collar. Once again you can cut along the front and the back.

2 After we cut the sleeves and collar of the shirt we will stretch them a little. Making room for later we can put the bag on the shoulder and the collar serves as input to put our things. After stretching the shirt we cut the base of it, between 3 to 5 centimeters. If you prefer larger bags cut just the bottom of the shirt, the one that has the seam.

3 Now that we have the base of the cut shirt, continuing with the scissors we will cut small strands of our T-shirt, to make our fringes. We cut fringe fringe from side to side of the shirt. And we end up tying each fringe of the front with the fringe behind. I prefer to always give two knots to make sure that nothing will fall out of the bag when you are using it.

4 We have our fringed t-shirt bag ready. It is very easy to do and only cost an old T-shirt that was kept in the closet. If you want you can decorate it with glitter, or paint with other colors, whichever you prefer, the choice is yours.

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