How to Install Led Ribbon Lights

Discover ribbons LED monochrome or RGB Installation in a staircase. Mounting scheme with all the material necessary and available on our website Inovatlantic.

Note that this facility is also valid for shelves.

Here’s the mounting scheme, no need for long speeches, you’ll immediately understand that it is quite simple, you can play for a perfect integration in your stairs!

For each number shown in the diagram, here’s the proper correspondence of material:

A few details using the same numbering:

1: Opportunity to dress the ribbons with flat or angle aluminum profiles.

2: the naked Ribbon connector is useful when the Ribbon is cut and doesn’t have a connector at the end.

3: For the connector 3-pin RGB, remember to put a male-male pin at each end. For the 3-jack connector, this one has 3 legs with 2 male jack and a jack socket. The female jack is plugged into the lower leg visually on the schema.

Between 4 and 5: possibility of putting a motion sensor.

5: The power supply must be sized according to the length of the ribbons. Each power plug indicates the maximum length of Ribbon, it supports.

6: Amplification is necessary every 5 m of Ribbon to avoid a loss of brightness. It must be connected to the mains with the cable electric 2 son. For easy connection of the mono amplifier, predict a female jack to the lowest step and a male jack to the highest market.

Even simpler: Use of the 220V LED Ribbon

It is possible coercion he’s scored at least at every meter, so it takes a minimum staircase with steps of 1 m wide.

For 220V monocolor mounting: just put a section of tape 220V monocolor with an electrical connector to each market, and plug all the sections on the same electrical circuit fitted with a switch 220V or a220V motion detector.

For mounting in 220V RGB, you can take a KIT 220V RGB 1 meter equipped with a RGB controller for each market. Although each KIT is equipped with a remote control, you can use one to change the color of all markets at the same time. Similarly you can plug all RGB controllers on the same electrical circuit fitted with a detector of movement 220V.