How to Install Decorative Vinyl

Perhaps many of you have heard of this original form of decoration, aimed mainly at walls, and much like it, but not you atreváis it for fear that it is not as well as you expected. It is normal to have this concern for the care of any surface, however, the main advantages offered by this plugin are precisely its easy installation and, if this does not convince us and comes to tire, his easy retirement.

Today I’m going to explain the steps to follow to install a decorative vinyl. Before you begin, the first tip that must be taken into account is that it is preferable to place the adhesive sooner rather that later, because if you spend much time since we bought it until we put it it could deteriorate because of the heat, humidity or a bad storage that wrinkle it, for example. The positive point is these pieces can be glued to any surface, as long as smooth, and in virtually any material. So, in addition to directly on the wall, we can decorate with wood, glass, plastic, metal or acrylic.

( 1) clean walls: is very important that the area is clean and dry. If it is a wall freshly painted must wait a week, never stick on new paint before this deadline. When we have free of all dust, grease or any dirt surface, it is ready to cover.

( 2) two layers: after unpacking, immediately understand the layout of the material if ever have used a transfer, for stamping typical tattoos of glue with water on the skin or clothing. There is a plastic, called layer support, which is the first to be removed, and protects the “sticky” part, which will be against the surface. After setting the drawing on the wall well, departs the so-called layer transport. Before starting to assemble, it is convenient to extend the design on a table wide or directly on the ground to review it, rubbing with a dry cloth or with a smooth object, for example, a rule; This flatten it to give the greatest possible adhesion after removing the protective layers.

( 3) place and remove support layer: as we have said, we present the drawing on the surface you want to decorate, with conveyor layer out. Using masking tape (very easy to take off later), we hold the top with a long strip and adjust with as many strips as needed the rest of the piece. Thus we see that it is straight and centered where want you before pasting definitely. We will gradually removing the layer of support below, pulling from the top and rubbing the vinyl against the surface that we’re covering with a small spatula or dry cloth.

( 4) remove transfer or transport layer: because we can take off the masking tape and return to review all design by applying pressure before removing the last layer. We will now, in the direction parallel to the surface, taking off the top layer slowly. If the piece is very large, is can go cut with scissors transfer excess to make it easy. And ready!

(5) some more considerations:

  • Once paste and set aside both layers, we can return to repeat the step of reaffirming the adherence by rubbing with a cloth.
  • If during the process we see any air bubble , and this does not go away with the pass of the cloth that we have used to pressure with a fine needle can prick and rubbing, always from around the hole into it, to remove the air.
  • It is convenient to slightly moisten the surface a small spray of water in if it is metal or glass, because most tend to bubbles.
  • When we have our vinyl placed at home, just us wipe occasionally a wet cloth in soapy water to prevent it accumulating dust or fibers.