How to Have a Cottage Garden

In a cottage garden sites have their advantages. It is the ideal storage space and you can fully decorate your choice. Some like the work of all other garden tools room to spare. But we can do all this in a cost effective manner? I give this article useful tips from purchase to the end result. Because savings can in many ways.

Purchasing: Look both in stores and via the internet

To purchase you can think of two types of stores. Or from your dealer or a do it yourself affair. Both usually have a selection of garden houses. These shops often also have an online shop on the internet. Remember the places or take a business card. The best comparison you can 4tal only after a visit where you saw your ideal design.
To save money, it’s worth buying early to plan ahead. Why do you think? However, you can quickly and easily save 10 to 15 percent discount by waiting for action. Maybe it’s just two months later. So we think of the new garden catalogs that are always on sale early summer.

You can find a website online where you want to order? Go and see if you pay with Visa or MasterCard provides no additional benefits. Citibank examples that you give extra 5 percent cash back when you buy online. Or the coupons that you find at your monthly statement can also save.

Additional accessories

Also, as with cars, you can find these days to improve all kinds of extras for your building. Is there a floor included? What a stain or paint should I use? Rather they want you to buy the whole package. What can sometimes be very expensive for all these additional accessories. Remember that you can also find these items separately in a DIY store. Instead of a floor, you can also click to buy wood panels. These wood-pressed discs are really not expensive and can serve as a floor. A trough is available in many diploma. As a trough of 100 euros you can find yourself quickly for 40 euros.

The foundation for your summer house

Here there are of course various possibilities. Except in the foundation can but look at the quality. A thick concrete screed or in your garden, let pour easily cost some money. And this mixture itself is not always an option. If you want to add the gazebo on grass large breeze block also an option. These are cheap and strong, and can be fixed with the finished powder concrete. For this to make any holes in the ground. Pour a little concrete, put the module in it. And stamp on the desired height of the stone until it is level. Pour additional well afterward with concrete. A convenient and quick job you can save money.

Proper preparation of

When ordering a wooden shed they often planks “blank” range. The boards need several more layers of paint to withstand the weather. You do all this in the most advance. It works faster and do not forget where you are otherwise difficult to reach. The stain or varnish can cheaply buy. Manufacturers of these colors is not always better. Brand Gamma can equally serve to protect your wood and costs half as much. Expect two or three coats of a good, solid surface.

Some tips

  • Always think of a vapor barrier when placing a gazebo over the grass.
  • Purchase of land cloth can be very helpful.
  • Like the lighting in your garden shed? Place before the grounding cable and protect it well.
  • Finishing the garden around the house is definitely a negotiable issue. For example, gravel, grass or vowels?
  • Check with the delivery of the boards of mistakes, sometimes you just have a few days to report it to the supplier.
  • Remember when the truck that you drive not damaged by the total weight.
  • Let screwdriver battery well the day before, because you will need them. Good luck!