How to Fight Baby Cramps

Cramps are one of the most common problems in babies, they usually appear around 2 to 3 weeks after birth and can last up to 1 year of age, although in most cases they disappear within the first 6 months of life.

How to Fight Baby Cramps

The cramps appear due to the prematurity of the baby’s bowel who find it difficult to make the digestion, it is normal to attack more late in the evening and at night.

Symptoms of baby colic

Each time baby reacts differently to cramps, some cry most of the day, others more in the night, there are some symptoms that help parents identify when babies cry with colic.

  • Crises of intense crying;
  • Shrink your legs;
  • Arch backward;
  • Drop puns when you cry.

How To Fight Baby Cramps

Although there is no evidence that the feeding of the breastfeeding mother influences the appearance of colic, the truth is that prevention is better than cure and should avoid ingesting foods that cause gases like beans, broccoli and carbonated drinks.

At feeding time, make sure the baby does not swallow air, if you breastfeed, place the baby with a little head up and ensure that it picks up well, if he drinks formula, make sure that the teat does not pass air, there are bottles with system anti colic.

Mom should drink plenty of water during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, water improves the functioning of your gut.

Massage the baby’s legs and tummy, push the baby’s legs up to the abdomen so it helps release gas and lessen discomfort.

Put the baby to burp after all feedings.

Put a wet cloth with warm water on the baby’s abdomen.

Massage the tummy in circular, clockwise motions.

Keep your child in a quiet environment without too much stimulation, a poor light and noisy loud noises, the baby is still absorbing what is around him.