How to Dress Well with Wide Hips

Whether you’re thin, round or very big (no this isn’t a dirty word when it is not used to hurt/insult!), each has its own morphology.

Busty, square shoulders, size unmarked, ankles are not drawn, small, large, plump buttocks or on the contrary who lack guts, hips, etc. We could take several women who are roughly the same size and the same weight and you’ll quickly realize the diversity of the body!

When you have wide hips, dress so that its shape can be quite problematic. Don’t worry, we will help you!

The Revolution of the Clothing

With a generous, basin the choice of a skirt or pants can be a real headache! Indeed, standard models often have to be chosen according to the width of the hips and in the majority of cases, they’ll yawn at the waist.

Fortunately, there are some models which take the tip of the pants for children, namely a tgo adjustable thanks to a system of elastic and buttons integrated in the belt. But there are even better! In recent years, retailers have understood that every woman is different and to fill all the morphology.

So we saw with pleasure, bloom especially designed for broad hips collections to offer you optimum comfort and clothing that really highlight you as they are adapted to your morphology.

So don’t hesitate not to look for the section “hips”, “wider hips” or even “generous hips” on retail sites.

What to wear to Harmonize its Silhouette?

The majority of women who need to conceal their hips are those of A morphology as their bust is narrower. The others are morphologies in 8 blesseds who were so lucky to have shoulders the same width as their hips, a well-designed size and a generous chest.

1-Choose the Right Cuts

Bet on clothes close to the body without being necessarily tight. Tops and dresses or flareda-line shape will be perfect to marry your body and disguise your hips.

Side colors, if you like prints and bright colors do not deprive yourself! However if you complexez your hips, wear them on the bust in order to balance your figure.

2-Cheat Without Shame!

Focus on your bust in using and abusing flashy colours, clear and printed material. Please either expand your shoulders by wearing dresses/tops with thin straps or knotted in the neck or even opt for shoulder pads.

If your chest is too small for your taste, adopt the push up lingerie and expand her with a cowl neckline or the ruffles/frilly at the level of your bust.

Keep in mind that is the key to a good look with broad hips to balance your figure!