How to Dress Round Body Shape

Loose clothes when one is round may seem perfect for camouflaging complex. Yet this is a big mistake!


This often forces women to choose loose clothing when it is round is that we often talk about fluidity. However fluid garment is not necessarily ample!

This is a gross mistake to think to hide its forms in loose clothing. Indeed, this is the best way to get made “tent” or “potato sack”, as desired.

You need to know to master these are cuts and materials. Always choose the clothes that fit, especially when it is not clothing near the body.

In truth, it simply does not confuse the cuts that are not slinky with oversize… This is not the right plan when one is round because wear too large / long / wide / wide bigger!

Should we Therefore Wear Tight?

In fashion, nothing is forbidden under the pretext that one is even big round!

Mix Molding And Larger Rooms

To harmonize your body, you must balance your ideal look.

If you wear a top or tight pants, remember to counteract with a fluid piece.

The total molding look is possible with a dress!

This does not prevent you as long to wear a tight dress if you assume your curves! Besides, do not hesitate to use and abuse of shapewear to give you a much smoother shape under your clothes near the body.

The Tight Mastered The Magic of Peplum

If you want to boost your femininity but the tight dress scares you because of a complex on your stomach or your buttocks, hips, etc. No panic, we have the solution!

Multilipez tops to accord with your pencil skirt for a glamorous look and mastered ultra feminine!

The peplum dress is also a great compromise with its integrated Basque.

Must we therefore say goodbye to loose clothing?

Everything depends on the meaning of “full”! Understand rather a garment that has not fitted cuts rather than broad. So you are sure not go wrong by choosing a room you go swimming and you will grow by adding volume.

This adorable orange dress shows quite the thing: we’re on a cutting fluid that is not close to the body without having too broad effect.